Video: Woman Skis Every Line in Fabled Wasatch Guidebook

Caroline Gleich clung to ‘yes’ when all she heard was ‘no.’ And that helped her to a skiing milestone.

Nearly 20 years ago, Andrew McLean’s “The Chuting Gallery: A Guide to Steep Skiing in the Wasatch Mountains” hit bookshelves. Its pages contained 90 ski-mountaineering lines for the serious backcountry skier. In short order, it became a staple in the canon of adventure skiing.

Since then, only a few people are known to have tackled the full gamut of the book’s routes. And they were all men. That is, until this year, when professional ski mountaineer and Caroline Gleich completed it.

The five-year project was an impressive feat on its own. But the unprecedented doubt, criticism, and harassment Gleich faced—simply because she’s a woman—makes her story a true epic.

Today, REI launches the documentary of her journey. Check it out.