mountainflow recycled aluminum poles
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Eco-Friendly mountainFLOW Releases 100% Recycled Aluminum Ski Poles

Move over, bamboo poles. There’s an even more sustainable ski pole coming to market.

Earlier this week, we got an exclusive look at a new product from mountainFLOW.

The brand has made its name as a sustainable, plant-based ski wax brand. And while it specializes in eco-friendly wax products, these will be its first eco-friendly ski poles.

First Look: mountainFLOW Recycled Aluminum Ski Poles

poles pair

MountainFLOW will launch with three versions of its recycled aluminum poles ($60-120). Essentially, the poles are made from 100% recycled aluminum (aluminum is infinitely recyclable).

The baskets are made from a majority recycled post-consumer plastic as well. And on the top-tier model, the cork handles are also made from recycled cork wine stoppers.

mountainflow recycled ski poles in testing in Colorado

Why recycled aluminum? According to mountainFLOW, these poles result in 90% fewer carbon emissions than those made with virgin aluminum. And its recycled aluminum poles (7075 grade) are twice as strong as most ski poles (made with lower-quality aluminum).

We’ve seen a lot of ski poles over the years at GearJunkie. And while some have sustainable components like recycled materials in the straps, or include renewable sources like bamboo, most poles contain plastic, carbon, or other virgin materials.

We are definitely looking forward to seeing more of mountainFLOW’s poles in the coming season.

Recycled Poles Everywhere

Along with bringing its recycled poles to market, mountainFLOW is also launching a pole recycling program. That means resorts and rental shops can work with mountainFLOW to recycled their old ski poles into new ones.

MountainFLOW’s recycled aluminum poles are in the running as an Outdoor Retailer Innovation Awards finalist. The final award decision will occur at the Outdoor Retailer ceremony in Denver on Jan. 27, 2022.

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