‘Once Upon a Time’: 22 Years of Swiss Freeriding History

‘Once Upon a Time’ follows famous freeride skier Jérémie Heitz as he tackles a Swiss resort on and off piste.

Swiss resort Les Marécottes is like a second home to skier Jérémie Heitz. “As Heitz conquered the larger peaks within the resort, he sought something bigger, better, more challenging than ever before,” teases the film. In the beginning, Heitz didn’t know it, but Les Marécottes was training him for some of the steepest, sheerest mountain faces in the Alps.

The 8-minute film is a fun dive into the past, the story behind how Les Marécottes came to be, and a bright look into Heitz’s powder-filled future. (There’s a lot of narration, but don’t worry, it’s accompanied by some epic cliff jumps and throwback freeriding footage.)

With the assistance of POMOCA Skins, Heitz continues to challenge himself in the Switzerland backcountry. In this film, he skis peaks like the Obergabelhorn and the Lenzspitze in the Swiss Alps.

Seriously, if you want to watch a committed Swiss skier drop into a line down a 4,000m cliff face, this is a must-watch.

This film was produced by Swiss-made POMOCA Skins.

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