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Ski-to-Believe: Peak Skis Rides Reviews to Crush Winter 2024

The reviews are in — Peak Skis and their signature KeyHole Technology are living up to the hype. According to co-founder Bode Miller, they're just getting started.

JT Holmes sends it at Palisades Tahoe.JT Holmes sends it at Palisades Tahoe; (photo/Peak Skis)
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Winter 2022-2023 was huge for Peak Skis. No longer a proof of concept, co-founders Bode Miller and Andy Wirth saw their investments in ski design innovation pay off. And the 2023-2034 season should be no different.

Just one year in, the Montana-based upstart is earning high-mark reviews across all models and spanning the industry. Peak Skis has arrived, receiving accolades from SKI Magazine, Freeskier, Backcountry Magazine, Blister — even a recent brand profile in Forbes.

“That’s never happened,” said Dave Currier, a former World Cup ski racer and ski tester for more than 20 years. “I can say unequivocally that there has never been a new ski company that had such impressive results in their first year.”

Read on for details on Peak Skis’ new products for winter 2023-2024, as well as more info on the brand’s technology.

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A Revolutionary Feature Born From a Mistake

The core of Peak Skis’ differentiating innovation is KeyHole Technology — a topsheet cutaway that increases damping and eases turn initiation, according to the brand.

Darrin Haugen, Chief Product Officer at Peak Skis, explains that “KeyHole is an inflection point in the flex that makes the ski really easy, fun, and loose” on entry and exit, while providing power, edge grip, and confidence underfoot.

Michelle Parker tours on a pair of Peak Skis.
Michelle Parker tours on a pair of Peak Skis under bluebird conditions; (photo/Peak Skis)

Co-founder Bode Miller discovered KeyHole by accident when a pair of skis he used for a race performed suspiciously well. Years after a championship on those skis, he got them back from the manufacturer, tore them apart, and found somewhat of a parallelogram-shaped cut out of the upper metal layer with a damping plate glued onto it.

This “mistake” became the KeyHole tech that softens up the front of the ski just slightly to improve maneuverability. Fast forwarding to the present (and many stellar ski reviews later), it appears that KeyHole may just be living up to the hype.

“The results in these tests are a testament to the team we put together,” added Miller. “I’m impressed with what we’ve done so far, but we’re far from finished.”

Peak Skis Products for This Season

Peak 88 by Bode

(Photo/Peak Skis)

Narrow-waisted and primed for the hardpack, the Peak 88 by Bode hearkens back to the skis that made Miller a world-renowned skier. Meant for going fast and pulling Gs, the 88 makes short work of the groomer runs and chalky conditions you’ll encounter between storms. Come for the turns, stay for the speed.

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Peak 98 by Bode

Peak 98 by Bode
(Photo/Peak Skis)

Versatility is the primary factor for this ski. The Peak 98 by Bode is designed to take on groomed snow and unpacked, boot-deep, off-trail snow. Two full sheets of metal around a wood core make it stable, while KeyHole tech provides maneuverability.

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Peak 104 by Bode

Peak 104 by Bode
(Photo/Peak Skis)

The brand calls the Peak 104 by Bode the “Rocky Mountain daily driver” for its ability to take on deep resort days with its fat, rockered design. No need to swap skis when all you’ve got to work with is hardpack, though, according to the brand. KeyHole is designed to keep you from washing out in the belly of the turn.

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Peak 110 by Bode

(Photo/Peak Skis)

Welcome to Deepville — population: You. The Peak 110 by Bode is designed for storm days and riding the bounty of your latest atmospheric river. The brand insists there’s not a dump that can sink it, and somehow, it still manages to carve remarkably well on-trail for a 110mm-waisted ski. Ski to believe.

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Peak 98 by Dav

Peak 98 by Dav
(Photo/Peak Skis)

The Peak 98 by Dav is a lightweight hybrid designed to fit with your gear and accompany you on short tours and bootpacking adventures. Its lighter design still incorporates KeyHole to ensure the best possible maneuverability inbounds and out.

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Peak 104 by Dav

(Photo/Peak Skis)

Built for adventure, whether at the resort or in the sidecountry, the 104 by Dav is a few hundred grams lighter than the standard 104, making it a bit less of a huff to carry up the bootpack. It’s a go-anywhere, do-anything one-ski quiver that’ll perform playfully wherever you decide to take some laps.

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Continued Innovation and Prioritizing Consumers

One of the brand’s priorities is to maintain a direct, friendly relationship with its customers. As Haugen explained, “There’s this huge disconnect between the consumer and the manufacturer, and we’re trying to take away all of that middle stuff and be able to communicate directly to our customers.”

No one can address any issues you have with your skis better than the direct manufacturer and design team. Peak Skis wants to make sure that no matter how big it grows as a company, consumers can always call and speak to the team when they have a question or concern.

Two skiers scoping out a line.
Skiers scope out a line before kitting up; (photo/Peak Skis)

Another priority for the brand is its commitment to innovation. From modern sidecut and stance to the level of ankle articulation that can be performed in modern ski boots, Miller has been deeply involved in design progression for much of his career.

For the 2024/2025 season, the brand will be introducing its Peak Loc8 tracking technology. An answer to all of those times your skis ejected in a crash, were lost to the snow gods, or went missing at the airport, Loc8 will use the power of GPS to ensure you’re always be able to locate your skis, no matter the circumstance.

From fundamental rethinks through KeyHole Tech, to no-brainer Loc8 tracking, Miller is one of the leading minds behind ski innovation worldwide over the past several decades. Peak Skis is proud to continue that legacy and lead the charge in creating the best ski experience for every type of skier.

To celebrate the momentum, Peak Skis is kicking off its Black Friday Sale early. For the month of November, receive $200 off any pair of Peak Skis by using the code WHITEHOT at checkout. As a special thanks, you’ll also receive a bonus $150 gift code to use on your next purchase.

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This article is sponsored by Peak Skis. See more and shop at PeakSkis.com.

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