Skier’s Dream? Here’s What It Takes to Make Turns All Year

If only the ski season lasted forever. For Carl Zimmer, it does.

Carl Zimmer isn’t your average skier. Unlike most of us, his ski turns aren’t limited by the seasons — unless you toggle between living in both hemispheres.

Zimmer is a dark horse — he skis every month of the year, and he’s been doing that for 32 years straight. Why? “It’s what I live for,” Zimmer said.

The short film “Turns All Year” follows Zimmer’s story of how he adopted this lifestyle, recounts the ups and downs of skiing year-round, and exists purely to feed all of us hardcore winterites snow lust and inspiration.

Want to see what it feels like to ski year-round? Watch this film.

The Road West Traveled is an adventure production company based in Boulder, Colo. It released the full-length film in September 2020, but it’s not yet available online. Visit the company’s website for film screenings near you.

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