First Black Pro Snowboarder Russel Winfield Wants You to Join Him on the Slopes

‘My Ikon: My Ride’ follows legendary snowboarder Russell Winfield and junior rider LJ Henriquez on a shared mission to diversify and grow the snowboarding community.

This film was shot this past season at Palisades Tahoe, Stratton, Crystal Mountain, and Big Bear Mountain Resort. With it, Winfield and Henriquez aim to welcome others and encourage them to join in on their passion for snowboarding.

As the nation’s first Black male pro snowboarder, Winfield is determined to achieve his goals. Now, he’s inspiring the next generation of snowboarders of color to achieve and even surpass their dreams. Why? Because diversity, equity, and inclusion matter — in all ways, in all places, and in all sports.

Runtime: 3:35

Ikon Pass expressed its solidarity with Winfield and Henriquez’s mission by supporting the Virgil Abloh Post-Modern Scholarship Fund and the SHRED Foundation in their honor.

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