Drone Skydiving: World’s Newest Extreme Sport

Fire up the drone and grab your parachute, ‘drone skydiving’ is now a thing.

first drone skydive

Ingus Augstkalns made the world’s first “drone skydive” today. That’s the claim by Aerones, a brand that makes heavy-lifting drones capable of hoisting a human or cargo.

First Done Skydive

The brand claims this is the first drone skydive. From a cursory look around the internet, we couldn’t find anything to contradict that. Here’s what Aerones had to say:

“We did it! We accomplished the World’s first human flight with the drone and jump at high altitude. On May 12, our 28-propeller Aerones’s drone lifted skydiver Ingus Augstkalns at a height of 330 metres, from where he accomplished the planned jump and landing with the parachute.”

When it comes to drones, it seems like the sky really is the limit.

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