World’s Strongest Dad

If you haven’t seen this video, or heard this story, get a few tissues in hand (seriously) and click here.

Rick Hoyt developed cerebral palsy at birth in 1962 after his umbilical cord became wrapped around his neck. But his father, Dick Hoyt, has made it a point that his son lives as good a life as possible, including competing in nearly 1,000 marathons and triathlons over the last 27 years.

Here’s a video of the two. . .

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The first race, in 1979, was a five-mile run with Dick pushing Rick in a two-wheel running chair. Today, they do Ironman triathlons. The father and son team have developed special bike seats, running chairs, and raft systems. During the swim, Dick tows his son in an inflatable boat, with a tow line attached to a belt around his waist. Rick sits in a seat in front of the specially built bike, and in a three-wheel chair for the run. Dick pushes a total of 365 pounds during the bike ride.

They do all stages of the triathlon together. Dad is the body; son is the soul along for the ride.

ESPN carried a story on the two here.

And here’s the Hoyt’s website, too:

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