Coleman SkinSmart

DEET no more. The SkinSmart line of insect repellents from Coleman is DEET-free and said to be odorless and “safe for use on a wider variety of clothing types, including GORE-TEX products.” In addition to some chemical worries, for outdoor enthusiasts repellents containing DEET have been shown to discolor or even dissolve some fabrics. And being a moderate chemical pesticide, DEET is believed to be at least slightly toxic to several species of fish and may be harmful to some mammals.


New SkinSmart Repellents from Coleman

The new products from Coleman use a supposedly safer active ingredient known as “IR3535.” It is offered in several bug-spray configurations. I found the “Go Ready” spray pen (about $3) to be a great option for forays into the woods. The 5-ounce, pen-like dispenser has a spray nozzle and a clip.

I’ve kept a Go Ready pen stashed in the hood of my backpack nearly all summer. Good for only about 200 sprays, I don’t recommend the pen for family camping, unless you buy a few. (My family nearly emptied one whole pen during a particularly buggy night this summer.)


Coleman GoReady Spray Pen

For outdoor enthusiasts trying to leave no trace by ditching the DEET — or preserve potentially-vulnerable clothing — the new repellent products from Coleman are worth a look.

—T.C. Worley

Posted by Bill - 07/06/2010 11:40 AM

This is an advertisement not a review. Regurgitating a press release doesn’t tell readers how well the stuff works. Did you actually compare it to 30% DEET? How long does it last? Numerous studies show DEET is still the most effective product. Where is the science supporting this stuff?

Posted by Andy - 07/06/2010 12:12 PM

How did it do at repelling bugs? and in comparison to “brand x” DEET repellent? Would be nice to know if it works…

Posted by whiskers - 07/06/2010 02:08 PM

I will join the other commenters in asking “where is the review of how it actually repels insects?”

Also, I bought a couple of those sanitizing spray pens from CVS and have been refilling them with regular rubbing alcohol for a couple years now… could do the same with the spray pen here.

Posted by T.C. Worley - 07/07/2010 08:35 AM

This was a new product test, not a comparison. In short, it kept bugs away, much like DEET does. And this product is a more “natural” choice, safe for infants as well as clothing.

Posted by Jim B. - 07/08/2010 01:31 PM

Let me add my two cents. I tried this product, albeit only a couple of bug infested evenings now, and find that it worked quite dreadful compared to DEET products I have used for years. In fact, my family pretty much agrees the “Skin Smart” product is a rather poor repellent and thus we likely will not be using it any more this summer.

Posted by brandon - 03/25/2012 12:37 PM

just get a therma-cell!!!!

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