Minus-13 Degrees. Minnesotans Go Surfing On Lake Superior

Proving that Minnesotans rank among the hardiest of winter warriors, this video from last weekend shows a group of surfers braving below-zero temps to ride big waves on Lake Superior.

The video, “Year End Swell” by Erik Wilkie and Hunter Rumfelt, was shot at Stoney Point, a popular break north of Duluth, Minn., that surfers hit all year ‘round. (I profiled wintertime surfers on Lake Superior in a 2009 story for the New York Times.)

It was minus-13 degrees F last weekend at Stoney Point. Big winds cranked the chill factor to -30F or lower, some estimates cite. The group wore thick wetsuits and surfed for hours between warm-ups in idling cars. Noted one of the surfers featured in the video here, “the water felt super warm by comparison at 38 degrees F.”

—Stephen Regenold

Posted by SM - 01/01/2014 09:18 PM

That’s dedication!

Posted by Brad - 01/04/2014 10:21 PM

Move somewhere where you can actually enjoy it.

Posted by Jeanne Peloquin - 01/04/2014 11:52 PM

Yes we are total bad ass Minnesotans!! Love this!! The music does NOT do anything for this video though! What’s up with that?! Used to travel up here to Lake Superior back in 1979/1980 to windsurf (that’s when windsurfing was just getting starting in MN) Lake Superior. Total rush with high winds, cold water and waves!!! I lived in the Twin Cities then but moved up here 21+ years ago and I’ll never leave this Lake or town!

Posted by Jeff - 01/05/2014 09:19 AM

Erik… This is amazing video. But I agree that the soundtrack needs to reflect the energy and power of both the lake and the surfers. Please redo it. I’d love to show this off to everyone being as I’m from Duluth, but it needs to be pumped up first.

Posted by Nanook - 01/07/2014 09:15 AM

Here’s the right sound track…
Let’s go surfin now, everybody’s learnin how, come on and safari with me!
Surfing Safari
~Beach Boys

Posted by Jim h - 01/07/2014 11:11 PM

Grew up on Lake Superior in Bayfield, wi and always loved surfing. Wish I would have tried it long ago when young. Erik and Hunter…they called you Soties but you’re Sconies. Hahaha. Guess both states have goofballs living in them.

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