Vision Quest: Images From Patagonian Exped Race

Team GearJunkie/YogaSlackers has been racing now for a week straight and for hundreds of miles via bike, boat, and trekking shoes in southern Chile, where the Patagonian Expedition Race is held annually near the very tip of South America. Our squad is currently in third place and gunning toward the finish line today. Here are a few images from the action so far. —Stephen Regenold

patagonian race 2012 - photo 6.jpg

1,000-Mile Stare: Team GearJunkie/YogaSlackers’ captain Jason Magness on day six of the race. Photo by Tony Hoare

patagonian race 2012 - photo 2.jpg

Pre-race rescue demonstration in the Strait of Magellan

patagonian race 2012 - photo 1.jpg

Icy swim during kayak proficiency test

patagonian race 2012 - photo 3.jpg

Patagonian wildlife

patagonian race 2012 - photo 4.jpg

Team pushes during mountain biking section on Tierra del Fuego

patagonian race 2012 - photo 5.jpg

Patagonian bog, a common (though otherworldly!) terrain type on PER course

patagonian race 2012 - photo 7.jpg

Raw emotion: Team Four Continents drained and defeated after dropping out of race after days of effort due to an injured teammate. Photo by Tony Hoare

patagonian race 2012 - photo 8.jpg

Exhaustion: Volunteer helps racer finish water crossing on day six. Photo by Tony Hoare

patagonian race 2012 - photo 9 copy.jpg

A Buff, Band-Aids on the nipples. . . typical outfit on day six of an expedition race! Photo by Tony Hoare

—See the Patagonian Expedition Race website for updates. Follow Team GearJunkie via our micro-site as the squad races around the world this year.