Bush rides a 29er

In what had to be the most surreal mountain bike sales experience of their careers, Niner Bikes’ co-founders Chris Sugai and Steve Domahidy spent this morning fitting a full-suspension bike for Former President George W. Bush. In a press release headlined “Niner Bikes Go Presidential,” the company announced it was offered the opportunity via a local Niner dealer, Kennebunkport Bicycle Company, in Kennebunkport, Maine. “Most of Peloton 1, Mr. Bush’s regular mountain bike crew, is on 29-inch wheels,” said Brandon Gillard, owner of the bike shop. “He asked if he could try a Niner.”

Bush, Sugai, Domahidy and the rest of the Peloton 1 crew — as well as a full complement of Secret Service people — went for a ride on the crew’s usual morning loop. “Mr. Bush is really fast,” said Domahidy, ”and a very good technical rider, too.”

bush with bike.jpg

Bush talking bikes with the Niner crew

The presidential uptake? Domahidy said Bush noted that on the 29er he had dropped a full three minutes off of his fastest lap time.

Said Sugai: “It is really hard to believe that just a few years ago we were showing our first frame at Sea Otter and now we are riding with a former President of the United States.”

The press release does not say if Bush bought the bike, Niner’s Jet 9 model, which is touted as a “race-ready” bike with three inches of travel. It costs $1,749. One thought: If Bush drops part of his presidential pension for the ride, is that pork or is it taxpayer dollars well spent?

—Stephen Regenold

Posted by Bill-sama - 08/19/2010 02:09 PM

No helmet for Mr. Bush! What a bad-a$$

Posted by Will B Free - 08/19/2010 07:23 PM

Good Call Mr. President. The 29ner is definitely the way to go.

Posted by LJK - 08/26/2010 01:39 PM

Who knew that the “W” meant Prez.“Wheels”! Smart way to spend retirement…smarter than spending on cigarettes, lavish vacations and big celebrity-packed parties, like someone I’m thinking of…
Seriously, the dude is living my retirement dream…except my dream doesn’t include the secret service ;-)

Posted by Rick - 08/26/2010 09:45 PM

Instead of chasing skirts he’s chasing lap times on a 29. Awesome.

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