Survival Gear: 10 Items To Survive

Surviving in the wild — no matter the location or the time of year — depends on human wit and will more than the gear you have in your pack. But all survival experts still recommend assembling an emergency kit of equipment to stay with you at all times in the wilderness.

Indeed, if you’re lost or injured, the right gear can mean the difference between a comfortable night spent outdoors, and a cold one. Items like a whistle or a signal mirror can alter fate to issue rescue instead of abandonment.

In many cases, the right gear in your pack can literally save your life. But what to bring?

A survival kit is something most hikers, hunters, and explorers will never break open. It will sit in the bottom of a backpack, potentially for years, encased in a waterproof vessel of some sort, lightweight and out of the way.

The leanest survival kits are stored in Altoids tins and the like, and they include just the bare backwoods essentials: matches, firestarters, fishing line, a tiny compass, water purification tablets, a whistle, a small rescue mirror, and so on.

“As far as survival gear goes, it really depends on the space you have available, how much weight you can comfortably carry, and how far you plan to venture,” said Mike Forti, a graduate of the United States Air Force Survival School. “In reality, a backpack full of camping gear is simply a large ‘survival kit’ designed for a comfortable and extended stay in the wilderness. A much smaller version of this might consist of a tobacco tin with relatively few items tightly packed in.”

A commercial option for people who choose to take the minimalist route is the Pocket Survival Pak from Adventure Medical Kits ( This wallet-size packet of miniature multi-use survival items includes a whistle, fishing hooks, a signal mirror, a sparker fire starter, waterproof fire-starting material, a compass, duct tape, string, wire, safety pins, aluminum foil, a magnifying lens, nylon thread, a razor blade, a sewing needle, a pencil, and tiny sheets of paper, plus a waterproof instructional sheet on use of the various items.

All these items squeeze into a waterproof container, and the whole bundle weighs a scant 4 ounces. Total cost: $33.

Like any emergency kit, the Pocket Survival Pak — which was developed by Doug Ritter, founder of the survivalist website Equipped To Survive ( — can help lost or injured explorers to signal helicopters and planes, start fires, boil water, melt snow for water, catch fish, navigate through the woods, trap small animals, perform rudimentary first aid, and repair damaged gear.

But minimalist kits have their limitations, Mike Forti said: “They can provide the bare essentials for a miserable, short-duration stay.”

Forti’s kit of choice is a bit larger and bulkier, but not overbearingly so. It can be worn on a belt in a pouch and includes enough gear to make a longer “unplanned wilderness excursion” survivable with some modicum of basic comfort.

When assembling a kit for any trip, Forti takes something he calls the “rule of three’s” into account, which banks on the presumption that you can die in three hours when exposed to bad weather; that you can die in three days from thirst; and that you can die in three weeks from lack of food.

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Posted by Todd - 05/01/2009 06:02 PM

Two items all kits should have is a small water filter & Lifecaps a pill that will sustain life for months with water. Look for yourself coupon code healthcap

Posted by swenson - 06/17/2009 04:23 PM

Yes! I also am a firm believer that with LifeCaps in your BOB you will be fine without food for quite a while. Check them out. You can save 33% on your entire order by using coupon code GOCAPS during checkout.

Posted by David Bolanos - 07/31/2009 03:54 PM

David Bolanos, civil air patrol emergency services ground team member.
1.survival knife (gerber is always good)
2.magnesium bar or “mag-bar”
5.atleast 20ft. of paracord
7.water purification tablets line or snare wire hooks with waits and floaters
10.first aid kit essentials

Posted by Josh - 08/23/2009 09:19 AM

1. Knife
2. Axe/machete
3. Sharpening stone
4. Flint
5. Canteen/waterbottle
6. Metal cup
7. 100ft paracord/rope
8. Tinder bag
9. Flashlight/batteries
10. Tarp
If you realy want to SURVIVE, i would quit messing around with all these toys like cell phones, your likely not going to have service, easily breakable or damaged, snare wire,likely to break, in the most extreme situations you need real tools! not little toys, especialy when your limeted to a 10 piece kit! those useless items add substantial weight with verry little capability. 20 feet of paracord? are you serious!!?!?!? 20 feet might last you 3 days, and thats if your smart! iodine tablets are good but they run out! bic lighter and matches break, are useless if they get wet, and eventualy run out, flint takes ALOT longer to run out, is very durable and wont break, and can be utilized in very damp wet and cold conditions! provited a tinder bag and clear headed thinking youve got yourself a fire! but i can NOT stress enough as to how vitaly important (infact, the most important)tool in survival is your… BRAIN! when you dont panic and you calm yourself down and control yourself, you alow clear headed thinking. that alows you to prioritize and asses your situation, and more importantly it gives you the WILL to actualy SURVIVE!!!!!!!! even without a survival kit!

Posted by Nick - 09/28/2009 06:15 PM

im a 16 year old high schooler
1. buck knife
2. 30ft climbing robe.
3. lighter or waterproof matches.
5.survival blanket
6.metal cup
7. 22 rifle w/ ammunition
8. tarp
9. needle and thread
10.led flashlight (lightweight)

Posted by James - 10/03/2009 11:45 PM

In the U.S. Army
1. knife
2. fire starter
3. canteen
4. canteen cup
5. compass
6. 550 cord (50-100ft)
7. flashlight
8. signal mirror
9. local map
10.contractor bag

and Nick, even 30ft of climbing rope will be bulky and heavy. in a survival situation you will most likely not find much use for 30 feet. try downsizing to a smaller gage rope with filler cords you can pull out if needed.

Posted by Ranger Rick Tscherne - 10/06/2009 12:40 PM

When it comes to what to pack and carry in a compact, pocket survival kit, the “gear junkie” needs to research and do his homework a bit more indepth. Doug Ritters so call survival kit lacks some of the most important basic survival items like a knife, light, and water purification tablets and container. It’s obvious all of these other comment contributors here know more what to carry and pack than the gear junkie. Could it be the gear junkie took a bribe to “hype up” Doug Ritter survival kit? Maybe, maybe not. But I’ll bet he doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude to post this comment here nor to contact me as to why he hasn’t kept his word to test out and do a review on my SOS Survival Kits that he stated he would after I forwarded him two separate samples of my kits. Care to challenge me and or to reply back? Bet you won’t. Yours truly, Army Ranger Rick Tscherne – US Army, Retired 1972-93

Posted by Nick - 10/27/2009 04:58 PM

1.Fixed Blade Knife w/serrated edge
2.Survival Blanket
3.Small Compass
4.Fishing line, weights & Hooks
5.Steel water reservoir
6.Sea2Summit Tarp Poncho
8.50 ft para cord
9.Fox 40 Whistle
10. UCO 9hr Candle

Posted by Wildman - 11/01/2009 03:53 AM

17 year old high schooler
1.AK-47 plus five mags
2..38SPL with extra ammo
3. A knife starter
7.Canned food
10.Large backpack to carry your stuff.

Posted by Bryan - 11/13/2009 05:21 PM

16 year old high schooler
1. good knife
2. water container with water in it
3. Paracord( as much as you want to carry)
4. Tarp
5. flint and steel
6. your best friend or your dog
7. Fishing stuff
10. Something to put #‘s 1-5 &7-9 in.

Posted by jordan p - 11/23/2009 11:57 AM

heres what I would Bring
1. leatherman(multitool)
2.snare string
3.magneisium fire starter
4.1 person tent
6. arrows
9.pork and beans
10.rubber knee boots

Posted by Survival Spot - 11/29/2009 03:15 PM

This is a really great list, good work!

Posted by matt groeing - 12/12/2009 12:34 PM


Posted by Elijah - 12/21/2009 07:29 PM

Yes a Brain,but also knowing how to layer clothing and properly using your equipment is the key to survival. Shelter,water,fire and food

Posted by jonathan seig - 01/09/2010 03:45 PM

1)knife set
2)guns like rifel and pistol air or co2 guns so you do not get fined and ammo plus co2
5)mp3 player or cd for time passer’s
6)friends without them youl go nuts belive me
7)shovel for fox holes
8)gun rest stick extendable for hiking and holding things up
9)journal to record things

Posted by Nick - 01/12/2010 10:17 PM

1)Hunting Knife
2)Matches with water-proof bag
3)First-aid kit
4)Flare gun (with extra flares)
6)Foldable shovel
7) metal cup
8)water-proof blanket
10)wire or something that can keep thing tied

Posted by Jauch - 01/28/2010 02:22 AM

for bare essentials, all you need is a good knife, smarts, and water. No one brings a ak-47 on a casual hiking trip…

I got lost in a state park with my friends for 2 days and we survived freezing temperatures (barely) with knives, warm clothes, and a little hope

Posted by Andrew P "Arizona" - 01/31/2010 07:16 PM

This is a list of the minimal amount of gear i carry when i go for a hike no matter who i,m with or where I’m going. these are Items i wish i had at one time or the other. From the bottom up NOTE EVERY THING IN MY BAG IS IN A ZIP-LOCK BAG ::camelback bladder- tarp 9×13ft- Head &face beanie,Gloves- food(3packs of oat meal, bag of dried rice, 3 packs of Metrex)- poncho, survival blanket,first aidkit(needle*thread,aspen,gauze pads,bandage,bandaids, antiseptic,water tablets cottonwrap,wire splint,salt,neosporin, magnifying glass,small pocket mirror,fishing line, thin wire15ft 100ft,3hooks,lighter,paracord 150ft,binoculars,small flashlight, extra batteries,magnesium stick,small tinder poach )*A NEEDLE CAN BE USED AS A COMPASS RUB THE NEEDLE IN YOUR HAIR TO GIVE IT A MAGNETIC CHARGE PLACE THE NEEDLE ON A SMALL LEAF OR ANYTHING THAT WILL MAKE THE NEEDLE FLOAT IN A CUP OF WATER OR ANYTHING THAT WILL HOLD WATER THE MAGNETIC CHARGE WILL ACT LIKE A COMPASS AND GIVE SPIN AND GIVE YOU NORTH & SOUTH),blank white peace of paper & pencil 5candles)-climbing rope 2 carabiners- OUT SIDE POCKETS- trash bags- hatchet- army shovel- large flashlight- 2 or 3 durable knives- small .22 ruger in side holster that is the equipment i carry with me at all time when i go hiking it sounds like a lot but it is a lot of small light items you can bundle together in a zip-lock my pack weights about 25 – 30 pounds that is not that much this pack will last me as long as it take for help to find me or for me to gather food and water. lots of methods for making water

Posted by Justin C - 02/13/2010 04:18 AM

Survival kit, schermival kit…
If you don’t have it on you ALL THE TIME, it doesn’t count. The thing about critical/survival scenarios is that they’re unexpected.
There are many good ideas here, but how much of this stuff do you carry every day?
Another idea would be to go on a three day “trial run” with your kit. See how it works while you have the luxury of failure.
My $.02.

Posted by CJ - 02/18/2010 07:57 PM

Some good ideas. I have always found that a Hiking staff was a good tool. It is great for poking and stability while walking. It also makes a great make shift tent pole. I have a six foot para cord with two clips on it. one for a belt loop and one for my staff. that way I never leave it leaning on a tree.

Posted by Skippy - 03/04/2010 09:00 AM

McDonald’s drive-thru associate
Head set with battery pack
Extra Ketchup packets
Ability to Super-Size it

Posted by kjxcbjokkfd - 03/17/2010 05:32 AM

i am in middle school and i have came up with beter stuf then that like a sat phone and a reverse osmosis water purifier

Posted by Tierney - 03/17/2010 09:53 AM

1 Good Knife
2 Space Blanket
3 Flint w/ striker (knife can be used but just incase)
4 Canteen w/Cup
5 Pad of paper and a pen, Can be used in multiple ways, Passing time, some inks are flammable, paper is also great if it is not wet.
7. Rope, I’m not going to go on how much but not less that 30FT.
8. Multi tool sort of knife. (Things with all those jazzy features)
9. Pill pack, contains essential vitamins, Aspirin, pain kills, also life pills.
10. Cell phone or Personal Locater or GPS (if you leave the serial number. They can track it, like they did for a stolen car)

Posted by Vincent - 05/12/2010 05:25 AM

How can there be a typical survival kit anyway??… It all depends where you are going and what you are going to find.
When you pack for your adventure, you identify the possible threats of your journey. Surviving in the desert surely does not require the same kit as surviving in the jungle or on a mountain!
So if you are more likely to have a plane crash in the jungle that in the desert, you will pack a different kit!
I don’t even understand why that discussion arises all the time. It’s down to personal preference but, most of all, on the location you’re going to explore.

Posted by 8thgrader - 05/18/2010 05:33 PM


1. Water purifier
2. All weather blanket(Not one of those flimsy “space blankets” ;) )
3. Hatchet
4. shovel
5. first aid kit
6. flint+striker
7. swiss army knife
8. bow and quiver of arrows
9. a bag of wire, string, fishing line, etc.
10. (Haha. having trouble coming up with more)um… (funny coming) a herd of rabbits!(i dunt think they are herds tho…)

(oh and this isnt really what y’all are talking about this is what i would want if i was going to be deserted on an island.. or maybe in the wildness forest.)

Posted by coolc - 05/19/2010 09:24 PM


Posted by Stag - 06/08/2010 10:14 PM

A survival pack should be based entirely on the area you are going, and the nature of a trip. Depending on where you are going, adapt the kit appropriately.

At a bare minimum:
1- a good knife. Needs to be a strong, durable design- I use a Buck lock-knife with a non-serrated blade- easier to sharpen.
2- Swedish fire steel. Lasts for months, can be used in all conditions, and will never fail you if you learn to use it correctly.
3- whistle. A must of a survival pack is a means to attract the attention of a rescuer. This could be a whistle, or a signal mirror, or a set of flares if you’re feeling confident that they will be kept bone-dry.
4- A good water bottle. I use a Sigg bottle as they are nigh-on indestructible. Water’s vital, and you need a good container.
5- Good clothing. By ensuring you are well-dressed for the environment you are in, you not only increase your chances of survival considerably, if you’re dressed appropriately you will be more capable of avoiding a survival situation. Hypothermia, sun-stroke, sprained ankles and blisters can all be prevented by choosing the right gear to start with.

These are the bare essentials- the kit can also contain as much or as little extra as you feel is necessary, AND YOU CAN SUCCESSFULLY USE. There’s no point packing fishing hooks and lines if you haven’t the faintest clue how to use them. Kits can contain any number of extras though-
thread, needles, dextrose tablets, water purification tablets, tarps, para cord, compass… the list goes on.
Pack it all in a sealed, water tight container, and you’ve got yourself a survival kit.

For those posting AKs, rifles, bows, and other such firearms… unless you can perform a complete field-service on the gun to keep it operating, are licensed (and capable) to carry it, and can ACCURATELY and SAFELY fire it, there is no point. Guns are heavy, ammunition is finite, legality is a big issue, and bows require a high level of skill. They’re a great luxury to have, but to most of us they are just that- a luxury.

Posted by Ty - 06/22/2010 10:09 PM

How long it takes for you to die: 3 hours to exposure, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food

1. Tent, covered hammock, bivy bag, or poncho
2. Appropriate clothing, including rain gear if in wet area

3. Swedish FireSteel, BlastMatch Fire Starter, or other similar ferrocerium fire starter

4. Canteen – if you use a steel container it will make your life easier when it comes to boiling your water
5. Metal Cup
6. Access to water—
-Forest area with lakes/streams: no additional item required
-Desert area with little-to-no water: large plastic sheet to form a condensation trap.
-Ocean coast: 3’ length of copper tubing + lid for metal cup. You need to desalinate your water and the simplest way to do that is to make your very own little still.
-High alpine area: No additional item required
-Jungle area: No additional item required

7. Emergency rations x7 – lightweight and compact, waterproof wrapper, eat 1 per day for full nutrition or 1 every 3 days to prolong starvation

8. Large fixed-blade knife of good quality
9. 100’ of paracord

10. SPOT Tracker, PLB, EPIRB, or equivalent. Push the HELP! button and rescue is on the way to your exact location (give or take 4 feet) :-p — Or a waterproof/ruggedized cell phone if you KNOW 100% that you will have service.

All of these items can be bought fairly cheaply (Except #10) and they all fit with room to spare in a standard size school backpack.

Posted by thomas - 06/27/2010 10:19 AM

1. 18 yr old high school cheerleader
2. manufactured home
3. endless supply of food
4. endless supply of potable water
5. 65 inch tv
6. DirecTV
7. electricity
8. air conditioning
9. nice comfortable chair
10. alcohol

Posted by freshman - 06/27/2010 10:30 PM

1.)good knife my bowie combo has a 10” blade and for finer work a 3 1/2” knife.
2.)my strike force artificial flint with an extra compartment for tinder like fine steel wool or commercial tinder.
3.) an all weather blanket that isn’t the mylar but it’s more of a tarp.
4.) a giant folgers can for boiling water. and possibly a container.
5.) as much paracord as you can carry I can not stress this enough.
6.) a copy of the s.a.s. survival handbook.
7.) a quail call and hawk call because if you have ever blasted the hawk call at a rabbit they tend to f-r-e-e-z-e in place- thank you don rearic.
8.)a map and compass of the area.
9.)a g.p.s. tracking device.
10.)my savage arms mark 2 .22 caliber rifle with a federal pack of ammo.

Posted by conor - 07/10/2010 12:43 PM

1.pocket knife
3.water proof matches/magnesium rod
4. mess kit (cateen,cup utensils plates
5. first aid kit
6. tarp
7. poweful rifle for big and small game with plenty of ammo
and sleeping bag

Posted by Bender - 07/12/2010 07:48 PM

ER technician… avid survivalist/fastpacker

1. A large thick high carbon steel knife.  -(used  with a thick piece of hardwood branch or rock, pound the back edge of the knife and use like an awl. theres no need for a hatchet)

2. clear plastic tarp. -can be fashioned into a shelter, wrapped around your body to trap in heat and stay warm, PLUS a small square can be cut to use for a solar still.

3. A magnesium fire starter -good fire starters are essential to body energy conservation in a physically extreme survival situation. Less work = more energy stored for travel, hunting, building,etc…though they can be made from surrounding material;bow string/stick fire starters consume waaay to much energy.

4. metal container.- pot, cup, canteen, pop can…whatever just make it fire proof for boiling water. (Water tablets and micro filters don’t last forever. heat yeilds the endless supply)

5. 50-100 ft. of Para cord-(This cord is high strength in a little package, and can be stripped down to tiny strings to fish, sew, lash, snare, and sooo much more).

6. small fish hooks -If you buy the right kind you can even straiten one out to sew with if need be.

7. thick guage sewing needle

8. head covering. -(hat, bandana, snow hat etc… 75% of body heat is lost through your head. More if you have bald or crew cut hair.

9. S.A.S survival manual

10. Some sort of back pack, ruck sack, or bag to carry your gear and findings while on the move.

Alternate #10. A calm head and the will to stay alive.

All of this is built around the assumption that you were able to prepare for your situation. Remember though that you can’t think in terms of each item, but instead what each item does. Glass or aluminum can be substitute for a knife,… any concave metal can hold water to boil,….. fabric can be torn into strips and braided into cord,…… necessity is the mother of invention. keep calm, be creative, keep a constant tab on your surrounding elements, and dont ever stop working (hard) at catering the necessities to stay alive. Food, Water, Shelter, and Warmth, and perhaps protection depending the situation.

Posted by T.W. - 08/09/2010 12:26 PM

I agree that there is no survival kit that will be perfect for every situation, but here’s my best list:
1. Hydration pack or backpack with a few, or at least one metal water bottle. (If you count that as two items, then sorry, I cheated.)
2. Water filter or water purification tabs
3. Emergency Blanket
4. Fire Starter
5. Basic First Aid Kit
6. Tarp
7. Extra Layer; I’d take fleece
8. Energy Bars
9. Headlamp with good batteries
10. Leatherman

And assuming I could take more than 10 items (whether that is realistic or not is clearly debatable), I would also take: freshly charged phone, GPS or map/compass, cordage, mirror, whistle, hooks and line. I’m sure there’s something I’m forgetting, but then again, that’s reality.

I also believe that some of the best things you can take are things that cannot be packed. Things like the will to survive and the ability to think clearly and make good decisions under pressure and stress. Any “Oh Crap” situation can easily be made worse. I think the best thing to “pack” is the ability/skill to be smart.

Posted by Max - 08/12/2010 09:59 PM

Backpacker, Hiker, Hunter, Angler and Survivor. USMC survival training.

2.Firesteel (spark is hotter than any match or lighter and works when wet)
3.Backpack(or bag)
4.Aluminum Canteen(can boil water)
6.Emergency Blanket
7.Any Fishing gear
8.SOG Tomohawk (Hatchet, Throwing Tomohawk, digging pick and hammer in one)
9.Rifle with ammo or bow with arows
10.Proper Clothing

Most people die in the wild from shame. Do not think about what you could have done, think about how your going to live another day.

Posted by sambograves - 08/15/2010 12:55 AM

I have a wife and 4 kids. If something ever happened, and I was in a SURVIVAL situation, I keep several back packs weight of less than 40 lbs, and with room for expansion. (to carry found food) Each pack is placed in a designated area. one in each vehicle, and a primary in the house. my primary weighs in at 35lbs it contains
1 valor survival bowie with fishing line, weights,hooks,matches,compass,sharpener.
1 large bowie as backup so I can have my wife carry if needed.
1 small plier multitool with tweezers and such
3 small led waterproof flashlights
20ft parachord
half gallon ziplock with 4ft of heavyduty foil,3 heavy duty trash bags, sunscreen,crystal light packs(flavoring,and each packet contains 100%dv of vitC) small container of my special seasoning for any game I might find. small containers carrying tea, coffee, sugar cubes, some pasta,a deck of cards, 2 whistles(one for me and one for wifee)dental floss,2 lighters wrapped in cellophane,cheap sunglasses,buillion cubes,10peices of candy, small mirror, a survival compass(has compass,whistle,3in measure,and magnifier that can be used for fire.) 3 packs of ramen, some no perishable MRE,S and various other small items. I also have a small flat cast iron frying pan in there strategically placed to prevent from being shot in the back. every container can be used for cooking or boiling water. all can be spit among 2 people, for dual survival, but still be carried by a fit person for a considerable distance.
but the most vital thing i keep in each of my packs is 2 bottles of water, and a small plastic bottle of rum and triplesec. lol!!
But literally the most integral part of survival is knowledge, and understanding of yourself. Keep yourself calm, and any other person or people you might have with you. Know how to survive by being awar of your surroundings. Keep eye out for ANY caloric and hydration opportunity. Find out fast if you need to travel to find help, or set up a base camp. If you keep your wits you will survive. Even naked a human has more tools than most animals in nature. We are survivors, urviving is a mind game. And only those that tune into that old million year old cave man attitude will survive.

Posted by steve d - 09/23/2010 12:42 AM

farmboy/school teacher/hunt/fish/camp/backpacking
1. strong fixed blade knife nonserrated…one side highly polished
2. firesteel- swedish or doans etc.
3. water bottle/canteen 1liter or more
4. metal cup-steel or titanium
5. sturdy pancho/tarp w/ grommets
6. light wool blanket.
7. 50-100’ milspec 550 cord
8. bright color bandana
9.brimmed canvas or wool hat.
10. sturdy walking stick

Posted by daniel - 09/28/2010 09:58 PM

fire steel
water bottles
lynyrd skynyrd’s greatest hits w/ cassette player
camo hat w/ headlamp
jim bean
mosin nagant with bayonet affixed
aviator sunglasses

at least i go down looking the part

Posted by Dan Reed - 10/05/2010 09:02 PM

1) A large non folding knife w/ 550 paracord wrapped around the handle 2) a Sanitary Napkin (use as Trauma Bandage, cut down for bandages as needed, & tinder) 3) 1 gallon ziplock bag (Water Carrier, waterproofing survival kit, ect. 4) Whistle 5) Signal mirror (practice before needing it) 6) Large piece heavy duty aluminum foil (boil water, cook food, reflect heat) 7) Any life required medications 8) Bic lighter & tinder 9) Space Blanket
10) Compass

Posted by bob aircraft mechanic - 10/19/2010 03:58 PM

I can’t believe nobody mentioned duct tape
1 knife
2 fire starter
3 canteen and cup
4 water purification tablets
5 basic first aid kit
6 hiking stick
7 duct tape
8 paracord 20-30 ft
9 poncho
10 a way to keep it all dry and a pack to carry it

Posted by TY - 11/24/2010 12:28 PM


Posted by thurston howell III - 11/24/2010 03:15 PM

bon-vivant here:

1. 4 bottles lime-flavored Perrier sparkling water
2. 10 ounces beluga caviar
3. 2005 vintage Bordeaux wine (preferably southern area vintners)
4. 2 lbs. mascarpone cheese with oven-fresh baguette
5. 6 doz oysters (from Canada)
6. personal chef
7. buttler
8. maid
9. lear jet
10. massage therapist

Posted by hawtdaddy69 - 12/10/2010 07:00 AM

1.tooth pick
4.rubber glove
5.broom stick
7.squid tenicles
8.mad libs magazine clip
10.and cat litter

Posted by .. Spy .. - 01/17/2011 07:20 PM

anything that would help you live works.. How about food, water, so on so on .. Be smart and use your brain……….

Posted by elizabeth - 01/25/2011 01:47 PM

Weel, if i was stuck in the wilderness i wouldnt be doing stupid crap in the 1st place like some idiots!:)

Posted by Bill Crowley - 02/04/2011 10:44 AM

The ten items
1 hiking backpack with 2 insulated hydration bladder
2 bic lighter
Magneism firestarter
Bowie knife and a small sheath blade
Mre or ramen nodles
Iodine tablets
Zero degree sleeping bag

Posted by sierracharliedelta - 02/07/2011 08:33 AM

probably silly to some… but 365 days/year…… i go nowhere w/o my coldsteel superedge and a small swedish firesteel on a 550cord lanyard under my shirt. ‘always have a good hat, coat, bright color bandana and stainlesssteel shot glass on me or with me…not for alcohol….for h2o. go ahead and chuckle ;~))

Posted by Bill Crowley - 02/07/2011 10:43 AM

Change of ideas from last post
Hiking pack with 2 liter water bladder full
Fire starting kifeBoot knife
30-30 rifle with scope and spare bullets
Seveal tarps or tent
50 bill
Lighter ( zippo or bic prefured)
Sleeping bag
Non perishable food with iodine tablets for water

Posted by Bill Crowley - 02/07/2011 12:14 PM

I am a 7th Grade Boy scout who goes to Eldorado middle school in Kansas
My Survial pack
•580“3 with a 2 liter insulated hydration bladder and plane 2 liter bladder with side pocket internal frame good bag
Water tablets or filter
1liter flask or water bottle
Altiods fire starter kit (lighter strike any were matches tissue paper cotton ball.)
Few folding knives
Straigt blade
Cargo jeans under armed clothes fleece jacket (count as 1
Tent person 2
MRE or can food

Posted by Idiot - 02/07/2011 02:31 PM

I would take lots of cookies and milk

Posted by Bill Crowley - 02/07/2011 02:56 PM

I am a 7th Grade scout
580“3 Backpack with a 2 liter hydration bladder insulation acceptable with hydration bladder full and a insulated 2 liter bladder.
At least 200’ of rope
Altiods Survial kit ( mag-bar lighter condom matches cotton ball ect)
Small sheath knife
Few knifes (a Gerber and a boysout knife with mirror
First aid kit
Proper clothes
Sleeping bag
Spare Change of clothes (depending were you go if dry like the desert just wool socks)
Now if I could carry more I would I live in KAnsa so I bring hiking and long sleeves because it could be 20 in the morning and get up to 80 by noon
The guy who was being stupid and said he needed boos and a chair and unlimited food and water need to quit posting cuz you don’t need that

Posted by Tyler - 02/10/2011 06:59 PM

Chuck Norris

Posted by Keith - 02/10/2011 11:05 PM

Rule of 3’s
1) Hydration combination backpack: 3 liters of water in a pack to carry everything else.
2) Food: combination of MRE and non perishables which take up very little space—oatmeal, rice, lentils, dried fruit, nuts etc.
3) Method to eat and cook: Steel cup/bottle/ plate
4) Fixed blade multi purpose, non serrated knife— Cold steel bushman with usable cord handle
5) Fire source and kindling: at least two types—lighter/ fire steel/ or strike anywhere matches
6) compass with mirror/map
7) tarp/ thermal blanket/ or at least a cheap garbage bag
8) PLB: — GPS/cell or if your poor a whistle
9) 1st aid kit
10) fishing kit/ snare wire

Posted by Bill - 02/15/2011 02:55 PM

If you were going survie you need to take the only things in you pockets if you were not home you would not have all your main gear here’s what is in my pockets
Left front
Colman match case with cotton balls in but no maches it has flint on the bottom
Multi tool
Small knife
Ink pen
Little bit of mints or chewing gum
Flash light
Iodine tablets
Spare glasses
Head lamp
Choclate bar
Water bottle

Posted by Keith - 02/15/2011 07:15 PM

@Bill You carry all of that in your pockets???

I have one complete pack (above) in my car and an identical one in my house. Together they are the right size and weight for my wife and I to BUG OUT.

Posted by Bill - 02/16/2011 02:49 PM

Yes Keith I carry that in my pockets I usually were cargo kaki pants so my knives are usually there and the water bottle has a clip n thank you for not being stupid like the other people

Posted by Shafiq Kamal - 02/18/2011 06:46 AM

This is a great list of items for survival. Thanks for all the inputs. The one that caught my eye was from one of the comments. About the lifecaps. Did a search on it. Quite promising. Now i have a long list to scavenge for.

Shafiq @ Best Running Shoes for Women

Posted by brandan - 02/23/2011 12:30 AM

31 year old avid WESTERN MOUNTAIN WILDERNESS backpacker, hunter and tree climber:
1)proper clothes ((includes rain gear)
2)canteen/cup combo (US ARMY issue)
3)full tang, fixed blade knife and sharpener
4)firesteel spark rod
5)small plastic painters tarp
7)fishing line, hooks and Powerbait in pill bottle
i could stop here, but…
8)h2o purification tablets (just in case fire is inconvenient)
9)duct tape
10)led headlamp (mine has a signal whistle in it)
proper clothes (never cotton, wool or synthetic underwear,wool sweater, wool hat) and rain gear,are your 1st defense.

Posted by connor ashley - 02/24/2011 02:36 PM

1)sharp knife with case
2)paracord (lots of it)
3)survival book
4)waterproof lighter/matches
5)h2o purification straw/tablets ect
6)1St aid kit
8)a strong will and positive altitude
9)water bottle (1.5 litres)
10) fold-able shovel

Posted by Bill - 02/24/2011 02:59 PM

Knife(multi tool or some thing)
Magneism Firestart
Good boots
Appropiet clothes should be polyester or wool
Cliff bars
Water purification

Posted by mike - 02/27/2011 05:34 PM

Survival knife
something to sharpen your knife
proper clothes
sence of survival
a brain

Posted by uhmm not saying :) - 03/04/2011 03:39 PM

things you need to survive in a desert
1. water
2. food
3. thermal-underwear
4. sunglasses
5. blankets
6. clothing
7. hunting knife
8. flashlight
9. sunblock
10. bug spray
11. tents
12. first aid kit
13. hats
14. map of the area
15. whistle
16. matches
17. lots of rope
18. proper clothing ( something light )

Posted by Bill - 03/08/2011 12:14 PM

This is what you should have in a ten peice Survial kit
Way of starting a fire
Proper clothes
Food ( small items if you pack right it won’t take up a lot of room 3,600 calorie bars are the best way to go you get 1200 calories a day which is about what you should eat.)
Water about a liter a day if in a normal climate(50-80) if you are In the dessert you need about three gallons a day
Shelter a trash bag tent will work
Proper clothes
A pocket knife (Letherman or gerber)
parachute cord(100’ or more)(I can not stress that enough!!!!)
Signal mirror or flares
Compass or map or both
Fanny pack it will all fit but the water which you can strap to your waste.

Posted by Matt - 03/21/2011 01:29 PM

This article advertised the expensive option in PLBs. How can you ignore the SPOT unit? I suggest you check out LinkText

For $12 a month and a $150 unit, you can have the peace of mind that help “can be” on the way.

Posted by Mick - 03/22/2011 06:25 PM

These are ALL great lists, I’ve always believed the more resources you have with you, the better your chances are for surviving the worst. It’s much better to have survival gear and extra supplies with you.

You never know how long you may be there, or what may be asked of you.

Posted by Matt Leis - 03/31/2011 03:47 PM

-Spare Water/Food
-Flashlight w/bulbs and batteries
-First Aid Kit
-Spare Clothes
-Fire starter
-Duct tape
-String or wire
-Pen, paper

Nothig on this list is too bulky, which should give you alot of spare weight allowing you to pack a sleeping bag or even a small pup-tent.

I have personally found that one of the biggest challenges with spending days or weeks in the wild, right below food and water, is boredom. I advise taking a deck of cards, harmoica, or something small that you can easily carry and use for entertainment.

Also, the one thing that’s a given…


Bringing a friend or two along is never a bad idea, either, but in certain cases it can do more harm than good.

Just, make sure you remember one thing. This is not a movie, you are not Alexander Supertramp, so be smart and conscious about what you do.

Posted by bobby - 04/06/2011 01:06 PM

you should bring anything that makes you feel at home!

Posted by Jenn - 04/21/2011 11:42 AM

#1 Be a woman
#2 Own a large purse and carry at all times
complete with everything under the sun
find insaide
drinks,. snacks,
sewing stuff,
matches, lighters
random pieces of paper to burn
saftey pins, bobby pins, paperclips and other women stuff
burts bees salve great for skin, lips, salve,e ct

Posted by Bill Crowley - 04/26/2011 11:55 AM

My Survial kit contains this
• Plastic bag 1 sandwich bag Magneism Firestarter Lighter Waterproof matches Fishing kit 1 gallon zip lock bag Swiss army knife Plain knife (nothing fancy bought it for 5 dollars at walmart it has a sheath and sharpening stone 2 L Gatorade bottle Iodine tablets 500’ 550 cord Emegency blanket Poncho Now everything fits inside the 1gallon bag I have everything that is a nesesitie fire water weapons tools food inside the fishing kit I have snare wire for traps if I’m not near water

Posted by Bill - 05/09/2011 01:11 PM

Fanny pack Survial pack bought pack walmart.
Fishing kit
2 liter water bottle
Emergncy blanket
Knife( the brittish siolders say all you need is a knife every thing else
Is luxury
Fire starter
Change of clothes
Iodine tabs
9mm handgun
Spare rounds

Posted by Bill - 05/12/2011 01:16 PM

The only thing I would take in Survial is my girl freind

Posted by Bill - 06/18/2011 10:16 PM

Basic survival kit must cover all of these
Shelter A poncho and an emergency blanket or just a plain tarp
Fire I always have magneism fire starter and a bic lighter do not always rely on lighters if they get wet they will work but they have to have time to dry out, A old med bottle with some dryer lint will work really good for starter
Knife good size one not to small or to big
Water bladder
550 CORD
backpack to carry everything

Posted by spencer - 06/23/2011 03:15 PM

12 year old boy
1.a vary good knife(sharp/no smaller then 5in) lest 2 liter water bottle
3.first aid kit(with all the fixings)
4.rifle with box of ammo
5.MREs because they r friking amazing starter kit(includes matches,flint,lighter,ex)
7.emergncy blanket
8.compess and map
10.tarp and at least 50ft of rope(but remember u could try 2 find strong vines and lash the together and use that as rope instead)

Posted by Justin - 07/17/2011 05:47 PM

Items I think work best in survival situation

1. Backpack- Top end large
2. 30,000 gallon water purifier (Swedish)- expensive, but well worth cost
3. 200 feet paracord
4. 100 ft heavy duty climbing rope
5. Plastic Magnifying glass- long term fire
6. Axe
7. Good knife
8. Sleeping bag
9. Cooking pot
10. Book on “Edible and Medicinal North American Plants”

Posted by Rasputin - 08/03/2011 10:05 PM

1.) GPS & Spare Batteries
2.) Satellite Phone
3.) Portable Spa
4.) Swedish Women’s Olympic Vollyball Team.

Posted by Les Strout has nothing on me! - 08/04/2011 09:54 AM

1) Hustler mag
2) 1 gallon lube (any kind)
3) 1 Blow up doll (Light weight)
4) Back scratcher
5) Fully Charged Ipod (with protective case)
6) Canteen (full of vodka, preferably Popov)
7) Condoms (you never know)
8) Spartan Spear
9) Cool hat
10) Black dude to carry all my shit!

Posted by s reynolds - 08/13/2011 11:27 AM

Your area should mould what you carry in your kit and which season it happens to be.

Its summer so

water- I don’t assume ill find it so carry some
water purification
fire starting options
shelter /tarp/paracord
good knife
wide brimmed hat
bug spray
FAK-with electrolyte powder to replace after sweating lots
food to get you started

Posted by Steve Walsh - 08/24/2011 10:36 AM

And don’t forget the original multipurpose hiking tool: the wood walking stick. You can keep your balance with your backpack, bushwhack through the undergrowth, use it as a tent pole, pull a buddy out of a ravine, put your food up high away from the bears, keep the snakes at bay & so much more. With wood it flexes well & also has The Feel of Nature.

Posted by Bill - 09/13/2011 12:02 PM

The items I carry are on me at all times one day if I don’t carry all my gear I have a knife and mini fire steel

Items on person at all times
Leather man juice multitool in holster on belt
Winchester Folding pocket knife with 4 inch blade
Mini mag light in sheath
4 AA batteries
Sweedish Fire steel n knife sharpened sheath with sharpener and spare knife
Chlorine tabs
Platypus bottle
1 2000 calorie bar

Posted by Margaret - 09/19/2011 10:07 PM

The essentials Survival Kit by Guardian survival contains the top 10 items needed to survive.
1- Water
2- Food
3- Waterproof Matches
4- Sleeping bag
5- Shelter
6- First aid kit
7-Mini Scan Radio
8- Flashlight
9- 5-in-1 Survival Whistle
10 -16 Function Knife

Posted by George - 09/25/2011 10:59 PM

Great ideas for survival kits…
I’d never leave home without my Gerber Survival Knife

Posted by michael - 10/07/2011 02:51 AM

I usually keep a bug in/bug out bag with me. contains all essential first aid, new skin, Swedish fire steel, multi-tool, thermal shirt/pants, water bottle, water purification tabs, extra ammo, matches, bic, vitamins, tinder, breacher bar. And i always carry my Columbia river knife and tool folding knife along with a kabar piggy back and my .40cal s&w (concealed carry). Constantly updating contents. Oh and a wear a paracord survival belt that had about 200ft, and the survival bracelet i made with about another 24ft of 550 cord.

Posted by tman - 10/21/2011 10:42 PM

How about just a Spot Messenger
plus extra batteries

Posted by AnTony2207 - 10/28/2011 08:19 AM

I see that a half of you guys are making a list with 100+kg,( Congrats to some of you who really understand the point and if you want you can skip this post) why a Rifle and a 1000kgs of ammo if its going to kill you ( You wont be able to carry it for long, and eventually you will become exhausted), first of all count all you equipment,well now i would like to tell you something, i live in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and i am 20 years old, and all those movies about survival will kill you easier than a f*cking hypothermia in a frozen lake… If you are not prepared physically and mentaly you will become dead as soon as you get lost, why ?? First of all, you can kiss all your weapons goodbye, a standard 7.62mm rifle bullet wont stop a bear ( unless you hit its heart, which is almost impossible when he is running towards you), i doubt it would stop a wolf( but its worth a try)… Why, becouse animals are not stupid, he knows that he might die, but before he dies, he will give you a hell of a party to remember…

Anyway, sorry about my bad english, and stay safe on your travels, and one more thing how about you bring a bible or something, to help you, sometimes only God can get you out (that doesnt mean that you have to sit down and read a bible and wait, No, FIRST and most important MAKE A FIRE (if there is rain, make a little camp and cover for fire (make sure not to burn your camp down)If you have fire you have light, and light scares wild animals ( so i have been told by a hunter who spent alomst two months in a forrest without anything except his knife and rifle with 4 bullets) and it keeps you warm, you can cook food and boil water)….

Posted by Margaret - 10/30/2011 11:44 PM

10 things that I keep in my bug out kit are 1- Extra medication, including Benadryl, IB Profin, Penacilin, anti fungal Cream. 2- Sanitation Stuff, including soap, toothpaste and deoderant (not having this stuff would make a bad situation a lot worse). 3- Extra cloths 4- Poncho 5- A Good and Durable knife 6- Fire Starter 7- Bear Deterrent and pepper Spray (to protect myself and my family) 8- A Pistol 9- A fishing pole 10- Rope. A good Survival Kit can mean the difference between life and death.

Posted by Jacob - 10/30/2011 11:55 PM

1- A knife
2- Fire Starter
3- Medication
4- Extra cloths
5- A gun
6- Super glue (works better than band aids)
7- A pan
8 – Bear Spray
9- A hatchet
10- A net

Posted by leah - 11/22/2011 03:57 AM

1:water 2:knife 3:knowledge that is all you need to survive. you dont need food because you can live for more than a week without it but water for only about 3 days.a knife has many perposes.knowledge you need most because you need to know if a bug,plant, or whatever is safe to eat or drink and use nature resources to help you for shelter and more.

Posted by james - 11/22/2011 05:37 PM

1= mcdonalds frappe
2= kfc popcorn chicken
3= hot girl
4= endless supply of marinated chicken wings
5= 25 gig wifi

Posted by berttie - 11/22/2011 07:40 PM

1.portable house
2.endless supply of weed
3.100000 packs of doritoes
4.endless supply of dr peeper
5. girl

Posted by le dung fung wong - 11/22/2011 07:42 PM

1= 75L of urine
2= pickle und fetta cheese spray
3= a bunch of burnt duck stew with splinters
4= 40-80 corpses (optional)
5=frozen jalapeno (for the lizard)

Posted by 180A - 12/13/2011 05:49 AM

Though all of these posts have great and some interesting items to bring with you, the one thing that is most important to have, is the “Will to Survive.” Saying “I quit” or “I can’t”, is a guaranteed demise. The next thing you need at minimum is education concerning your capabilities and the environment you are entering. Finally, you need a plan. In my field we call it a P.A.C.E. plan. If all goes to hell, you have a Primary, Alternate Contingency and Emergency plan to address all the possibilities. The cost of all of this, free! The value, “Priceless.”

Now concerning equipment, as some have said herein, it is environment dependent; however, with the proper training you can survive with everything you have on your person (i.e. clothes on your back) and a locking, thick 3+” bladed straight edge knife. The only other things you need will be all around you!

Now when planning for the possibility of an impending survival situation, there are a couple variables to address; shelter, fire, food, water and safety. Remove any one of these from the survival equation and you will soon be staring at the light at the end of the tunnel. Address “all” of these and maintain the will to survive, and you will live to tell the tale. Good luck to you all.

“De Oppresso Liber”
Posted by Bob - 12/26/2011 08:12 PM

Just spent a week teaching my Gr. 7 class basic survival. We ended up building mock shelter/cooking pit/fire pit/signalling devices in the classroom. The kids had a blast. We prioritized: shelter/warmth, food, water, signalling, first aid, safety from elements (including bugs. They got pretty knowledgeable and able to suggest ways to improvise. They also were able to develop compact lists of essential items. A valuable experience.

Posted by Dan - 12/30/2011 02:05 PM

A decent survival kit covering the basics is important. I could argue over every detail but I’d rather just focus on stuff I’m more interested in, like a good survival knife . For me, I need something made of 1095, powdercoated and with a good micarta or G10 handle. I like ESEE Knives because they do just that, are made in America, come with a great warranty and are reasonably priced.

Posted by Bob - 12/30/2011 09:20 PM

OK My class’s top 20. Pretty sensible for 7th Graders who’re just learning! The coat hanger at the end became a class joke- I used it as a frying pan (wrap aluminum foil around it), a toaster (use your imagination and twist it around right), a potato masher, a grill rack and a fish/meat roasting spit rested between two “y” sticks with a handle.

1.Solar Blanket
2.Hunting Knife
5.Garbage bags (Orange)
7.Mess Kit
8.First Aid Kit
9.Swiss Army Knife (not a cheap one)or Mutli-Tool.
10. Snare wire
11. Mirror
12. Cell phone & plug-in charger
13. Compass & map
14. Sleeping bag (rated for cold)
15. Insect repellant
16. Soap
17. Water prurification (coke bottle neck cut out to act as a filter- use coffee filters/sand/charcoal to remove dirt- then boil.)
18. Flashlight/Spare batteries.
19.Trail mix bars (other compact food/OXO cubes, etc.)
20.Vitamin pills.

Next top 15: hatchet, pliers, hat, sunglasses, sunblock, gore-tex gloves/balaclava,
portable biker’s tent, nails, small fishing rod with compact lure kit, duct tape, towel, spare candles, whistle.

OK, OK…I know this is more than 10- they were given a limit of a small sub-compact car for space and were allowed to carry whatever they could given the scnenario of being stranded up north. These were the most commonly chosen items given the necessities of shelter, safety, warmth, food, signalling, water, and whereabouts/orientation. This blog is posted as a tribute to my kids.

Posted by Davie Skena - 01/14/2012 10:49 PM

1. Cordage
2. Cover (Tarp, Tent, Wool, Wool Blanket)
3. Container (able to store potable water)
4. Compass (Reliable)
5. Cutting tool (knife, multi-tool, hatchet)
6. Combustion (anything that would guarantee sure-fire)
7. First Aid kit

Posted by IanStJohn - 01/18/2012 06:35 PM

The primary survival tasks are Shelter, Water and Fire. Try to incorporate some redundancy on equipment addressing these three.. Shelter bags are relatively new on the scene. The reusable bags are too large for a PSK but single use bags will fit in an ammo pouch.

Please find our recommended PSK components in the link below. The goal is to have the kit weigh around 1 lb and still provide a realistic capability.

Survival Kit Components:

Posted by Monkeyboy808 - 01/25/2012 09:48 AM

1. Smart Phone
2. Credit Card
3. Car
4. Starbucks

Posted by Tony Lux - 01/29/2012 02:03 AM

You should always have a day pack ready at all times because you never know!!!

1. back pack (not to big)
2. knife, multi-tool, axe, and a e-tool
3. 550 cord, snare wire
4. Signal mirror and whistle
5. Magnesium stick and lighters
6. hygene gear (TP, FA kit, plastic bags, etc)
7. Canteens w/ canteen cups
8. Portable sewing kit
9. .22 pistol or AR-7 with box of rounds (550)
10. Poncho with poncho liner

Posted by LLL - 01/30/2012 02:04 PM


Posted by Tim - 02/21/2012 05:43 PM

5th grade student
1.Pocket knife/multie tool
2.water proof matches
6. comm-pas
7.First Aid Kit
8.Pistol extra bullets
9.head light
10.clothes/rain jacket

Posted by Bill - 02/24/2012 10:37 AM

Gear in A basic day pack
Water bladder 2 Liter 4 pounds
Food rice ramen cliff bars
Fire flint zippo matches*60, magnesium starter
Survival manual
Sleeping bag 0 degree
Tarp 9×10
Clothing zip offs and a t-shirt
20$ paper money
1 liter can metal with a lid with knife inside fixed blade full tang

Total weight: 29 pounds

Posted by CHASE - 03/17/2012 11:34 AM

6. A COW.

Posted by B.J. - 03/26/2012 03:14 PM

Henry AR 7 with 100 rounds of ammo.
ESEE RC5accompanied by a sharpening stone
canteen and cup
bic lightaccompanied by ferrocium fire steel
snare wire
fishing line and accessories
Map and compass.
100ft paracord
personalized first aid kit
3 day supply of food (just enough to get you by)
hand sanitizer

Posted by Bill - 04/20/2012 12:09 PM

Multi tool
20’ rope
10×12 tarp
3 BIC lighters
2 pair zip offs
3 t-shirts
3 pair wool socks
-10 sleeping bag.
Flashlight water bottle rice mess kit
Now thats all in a pack in order for true survivial a kit must be with you. Witch for me I always have zip offs on and a short and long sleeve synthetic shirt. I also have in my pockets my Multi-tool, a BIC lighter, and 5 foot of rope. Spare glasses and a cotton bandanna.

Posted by chris paul - 04/23/2012 04:30 AM

the things i beleive you need are:

1.steel water canteen $3-$20
2.flint and steel $2.50-$10
3.survival knife $5-$20
4.tarp $5-$10
5.first aid kit $2-$20
6.rope $2-$10 kit $5-$20
8.wire $2-$5
9.Map or compass $2-$10
10.something to signal with $1-$20

thanks for reading what i beleive you need to have to suvive.

Posted by Rambo - 04/25/2012 02:02 AM

1. Leatherman wave or surge
2. Survival knife or hunting knife
3. Fire starters with tinders
4. Maglite XL 200 with extra batteries
5. A whistle and a signal mirror
6. A metal water container and a waterproof bag
7. An emergency blanket
8. A first aid kit
9. A 20 ft. Paracord
10. And energy bar foods

Posted by the Freshie - 05/05/2012 02:31 PM

In highschool, doing a survival project with 5 people and can only bring 15 items which are:
1Portable uav with controls
2Solar powered generator
3Combat knife

Posted by Stankyweasleteats - 05/17/2012 07:27 PM

1. invisible socks and boots like Cody Lundin
2. AK-74 with 6 mag chestrig full
3. thermal camera
4. Gerber LMFII
5. sticky wet clay for camoflage
6. flintknapping bones for pressureflaking and percussion
7. flint(chert)for tools and fire
8. portable martini glass set so Bear and I can toast with a nice warm slug of piss
9. Jake Gyllanhall so we can push him into a cravasse

Posted by nishtha saxena - 06/18/2012 07:56 AM

thanx for these comments, these are really very helpful for my projects.

Posted by Spyboy oh and im 11 - 06/20/2012 06:50 PM

Really all you need is water,fire,rope,knife space blanket,dave canterbury pvc fishingkit,a mini axe,and a container like a 18oz bottle and really you can buy a basspro brand leatherman(multi tool) and at academy the sail a 4-6inch hatchet.p.s. The basspro leatherman comes with a light

Posted by brian - 07/09/2012 10:43 PM

2.magnesium flint stick
4.if your lucky a .22 line and hooks
7.water filtration device
8.water bottle (metal you can boil water in it then)
9.gloves and socks (if your hands and feet go your done.)
10. something to put this crap in

Posted by person - 07/15/2012 11:17 AM

1 sleeping bag
2 bow with extra arrows and sharp thing u put on end
3 first ade kit
4 3 more pares of clothes (including socks)
5 rabbit snare
6 pancho
7 lighter or matches including lantern (small)
8 metal water bottle
9 strong rope and strong belt
10 sharp knife

Posted by David - 08/30/2012 11:22 PM

Here’s what I would bring (including backpack):

#1 Hatchet:
-Build shelter, craft tools, chop tinder, start fires,

#2 Hunting knife:
-build shelter, craft tools, start fires, first aid

#3 Small Metal bowl/pot:
-gather water, purify water, cook meals

#4 Emergency Blanket:
-reflect heat from fire, rain catcher

#5 100ft para cord:
-hunting, building shelters, repairing clothes and backpack, fastening food supplies up in a tree at night, first aid

#6 metal canteen:
-carrying water, gathering water, purifying water, cooking, storage

#7 8×8 tarp:
-gathering water, building shelter, protection from rain, storing supplies

#8 Fishing line and hooks:
-Fishing, repairing clothes and backpack, first aid, hunting

#9 Flint:
-starting fires

#10 Extra socks
-filtering water, making hand puppets to talk to when your lonely :p

These should be more then enough to survive comfortably. Build a good shelter, always try to keep your coals warm enough to start a new fire, you rarely want to use your flint. make snare traps and other various types of traps. Research plants that are edible. Be sure never to eat the wrong plants… could end up fatal. Fishing is an easy meal. Practice making bows and arrows before your trip. learn how to prepare your meats and learn storage techniques.

I lived in the wild by myself for little under one year, Never went hungry always had a nice spot to relax. Western Canada is a lovely place to travel and explore. Met a man named Mountain max on my journey. :D

One thing I didn’t add to the list was bear-spray. I didn’t bring any but I did come across a couple bears (they didn’t bother me) and a pack of coyotes sniffed me out one night. But I scared them off.

Posted by Edwin - 09/06/2012 07:10 PM

I just wouldnt get lost…. using your brain is the most effective tool. Guess what… if you plan ahead and understand your terrain and overlay you cannot get lost.

Posted by JDOG1981 - 10/07/2012 07:31 PM

1. Knife or Hatchet
2. waterproof matches and Lighter
3. water
4. gloves and warm hat
5. flashlight/headlamp
6. duct tape
7. emergency blanket
8. fishing line+hooks+bobbers+sinkers
9. mini first aid kit

Posted by rus - 11/05/2012 06:27 PM

1 knife
2 axe
3 tarp
4 wool blanket
5 lighter
6 rope
7 fishing line and hooks
8 water bottle
9 steel cooking pot
10 map and compass

Posted by Nate - 12/06/2012 01:46 AM


Posted by Messer Jacobschmidt - 12/25/2012 04:15 AM

Kudos to David for adding socks – and he dual use.

Posted by Tassem - 01/02/2013 11:36 AM

Here’s what I usually have on me while on a trip.

1-Large Knife (Non Serrated)
2-Small Knife with whistle(Partial Serration)
3-Paracord – 50ft or more
5-Two cans of Zippo Lighter fluid
7-LED Flashlights – One headlamp, Two handheld.
8-Space Blanket
9-Aluminum Canteens 1.5ltr X 2
11-Antibiotics, Bandaids, Bandages, Disinfectant
12-6X6 Tarp

Food – As much as possible. Energy bars, rice and some canned stuff.

A strudy and comfortable backpack to carry the above along with my clothes. One of the most important things for me is a pair of high quality trekking boots. These go a long way in keeping you comfortable and safe while enabling you to walk/trek long distances.

A lightweight tent and sleeping bag completes my kit.

At times I also carry a .22cal Magnum rated spring air rifle. A couple of tins of ammo weigh close to nothing and the spring mechanism ensures it almost fail proof.

Posted by Leon Storm - 01/10/2013 09:28 AM

1. a Backpack of some kind.
2. a small first aid kit.
3. water container and purifier.
4. roll of fishing line.
5. lighter, water proof matches, or flint. preferably flint. works better in cold or wet conditions.
6. a knife, preferably serrated on part of the blade.
7. a multi tool, like a swiss army knife or something similar.
8. a hatchet
9. emergency/thermal blanket.
10. the most important. your brain.
i’m 19 years old and homeless. this is what i carry to survive. if you have all this, then you will be just fine. i know.

Posted by Gordy - 01/16/2013 09:27 AM

Im a 16 year old high schooler and This is what i need to survive out on in the wild;
1. LED flashlight
2. Lighter
3. Tinder bag
4. Tarp
5. 4 sodas (can use the cans to boil water and cook food)
6. Multi-tool
7. Knife
8. Thin rope ( can be used as a snare, put together a shelter, and many more ways)
9. Knife sharpener
10. My Brain… Its the most important thing while trying to survive.
11. Canteen or battle of water or both.

The most important thing while trying to survive, is not to panic. Get familiar with your surroundings, and use what you can find. ANd remember a shelter doesnt have to be “high class” it just needs to be able to keep you dry and warm.

Posted by Jestntyme - 01/19/2013 11:00 AM

Ummm, who in the heck goes hiking or backcountry skiing,or hunting, mushroom gathering, etc. without a knife? Not in your essentials kit, but a SAK in your pocket, tactical folder clipped to pocket ( those are easy to lose in the woods) Swede or Finn knife around their neck, or best option, a sturdy meduim sized BELT knife on a belt ( leather
belt, use it as strop to sharpen knife, tourniquet, etc),matches or a lighter, a canteen or water bottle or camel pack, and a compass&map ( even if you are using a GPS). Not in a AN Emergency kit, but on you period. Throw a large garbage bag, a thick ‘Maxi Pad’ ( ask
your wife or girlfriend), some foil, cordage, fire starting accelerant- a candle works good and can save you if just used in conjunction with large garbage bag,and a powerbar in a waterproof container of your choice, and that is your EMERGENCY survival kit. Nobody going out to play or work in the countryside 50 years ago would have gone without most of those ‘on your person, not stashed away in a PSK’ items I mentioned first. People nowadays are ignorant.

Posted by Nick - 01/28/2013 08:44 AM

I love the idea of this product. It is the Swiss Army Knife of gunsmiths. If the product was of a higher quality, I would certainly recommend it. The idea, application, use, and look of this product is phenomenal. The only issue is the product’s durability and quality of craftsmanship. The belt loop on the sheath broke during the first use. Also, the anchor for the bits broke because is has a plastic housing. The bits are also hard to reach when you have the item on a belt because of the location on the back side of the sheath. This is not the optimal placement.If the manufacturer were to bump up the quality of materials and the overall durability of this item, it would be irreplaceable.

Posted by William Gunsalus - 02/07/2013 03:32 PM

1. Survival Knife (Gerber LMF II has a built in sharpener in the case and is able to be strapped onto a stick as a spear head)
2. Fire steel
3. Tinder (Dryer lint in an advil bottle)
4. Paracord (I have 20’ weaved into a wristband and another 50’ in my pack)
5. Nalgene water bottle (I’ve heard you can boil water and cook in it as long as there is water in it)
6. Survival blanket
7. Rescue whistle
8. Aquamira Frontier Emergency Water Filter System straw
9. Flash light
10. Dry sack to carry everything

Posted by FireWolf - 03/08/2013 08:03 AM

The smallest kit I would ever call a survival kit would be my Vodooo tactical pouch it is a little over a foot long and about 10 in hight. I have in it.
1) pouncho
2) 150 foot para cord
3) fire, I have 4 ways to make fire; lighter, waterproof/wind proof matches, flint and steel and a magnesium
4) Colt tac knife
5) compass
6) GPS with extra batts
7) flashlight with extra batts
8) fishing kit
9) snare wire
10) Gerber multi tool
11) bug spray 100% deet
12) binoculars
13) hand chain saw
14) chem lights
15) mre packs
16) head light
17) water purification tabs
18) tampons ( I am a guy, but they are a good fire starter)
19) nail clippers
20) single mirror
21) fox whistle
22) canteen with cup and stove
23) emergency blanket
24) hand warmers
25)light weight work gloves
Also I keep mt tac truma kit next to it in the truck. I also awalys carry my Springfield 40 with extra mags and a 380.

Posted by sixshots (someday will escape the planet of the apes) - 04/02/2013 05:42 AM

Although it may sound a bit cliche’ , I suspect that having the knowledge of what to do , in proper sequence, can be the ultimate survival factor, with or without a survival kit.
The American Indians survived without firearms or compasses or space-blankets or paracord.
But they had a very resourceful way of living off the land.

Barring the learning-curve involved and the general lack of enthusiasm for learning such seemingly outdated skills, a good knife would seem paramount but learning all of it’s potential uses would be the deciding-factor on whether you live of die in a wilderness/crisis situation.

Posted by Robert E Allphin - 05/07/2013 11:35 PM

1, Woodmans pal kit, with a 4 in one file/rasp and sharpinging puck
2, Pathfinder canteen kit with utensils cup lid and stove
3, fishing/traping kit, with spiderwire, water weights and black ant flies and assorted hooks
4, Bedroll or sleeping bag & survival tarp
5, thru-hiking backpack, rescue red internal frame
6, Fire kit, Mag fire starter and tinder tin with hole to blow or make charcloth
7, cordage and a lot of it
8, belt knife, for fine carving and game processing
9, duct tape
10, signaling set

this is the least one should carry into the wilderness and Limiting to a list of ten is pointless, With the skills I’ve practiced I could survive with nothing but what I have on, but I have learned to carry what I need to enjoy my time in the wild. my additional items are a 10 liter water bag, a 3 liter bag built in to my pack a water filter, a compass & map, enough food for my trip plus a few extra days and my cooking kit.

I’m glad to see that a few people thought about their choices and tried to help others. Everyone overlooks the woodman’s pal, it is one of the most useful large cutting tools in the history of humanity, get one and prove me wrong. its designed as an entrenching tool so don’t sharpen the dull parts, their there for your safety, I’d advise putting a scandi grind on the first few inches for carving. Good luck

Posted by ZJM - 05/09/2013 03:01 PM

Not sure why people keep recommending battery powered flashlights…crank-lights are a million times more preferrable.

Posted by 11yroldGIRL - 05/31/2013 05:50 PM

2)Large water bottle with filter
3)Flashlight with extra batteries
5)Thick blanket
6)Swiss army knife
7)Snare wire
8)Water proof backpack
9)20-100ft of rope or cord
10)Your brain, you can’t survive without it

Posted by Outdoornut - 06/19/2013 02:16 PM

I agree totally with the very first line in the post, survival really is a matter of wit and will, the gear is just there to help you with your wit and will (although you do need to have a good kit). I saw a post or page with a video awhile back that I thought was what most people forget or don’t think about when it comes to survival, its the psychology of the mind that gets you through whatever the ordeal is. The outcome may be preordained no matter what but at least if you go in with the right mind set you may come away as a survivor and not a casualty. just my 2 cents…oh, the video is on the welcome page over here

Posted by Lake - 07/12/2013 10:54 PM

Highschool Senior
1) small metal cookware pan
2) my 6in S&W Tanto Pocket knife
3) Flint and magnesium
4) A Tarp
5) Steel toe Timberland Pro 24/7 boots
6) Flare gun with Several flares
7) 2 gallon backpack water blater w/ straw
8) Barnett Quad 400 crossbow w/ 5 bolts and quiver
9) spare cotton cloth from old tee shirts
10) 50ft of climber’s rope w/ grapple hook

Posted by Ephraim Lowe - 08/30/2013 04:31 PM

You do require and emergency survival blanket

Posted by Robert - 11/04/2013 02:16 PM

That was helpful thank you so much

Posted by Chris Stone - 11/05/2013 10:52 AM

hey what are 10 things that you need to survive and can fit in a backpack?

Posted by gabriel - 12/24/2013 06:42 PM

1.knife starters
3.LifeStraw Personal Water Filter
5.100% wool blanket
6. 550 20ft paracord
7. bow
8. bunch of arrows(and of couse a quiver)
9.rucksack back pack
1o.stainless steel container

Posted by Blue - 02/27/2014 11:35 PM

1. 3D Printer!
2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. Lots of 3D printer liquids!

Posted by Larry - 03/26/2014 09:55 PM

This is a good one!
1.) Firestarter
2.) MREs – a must
3.) Lifestraw
4.) Buck/Swiss Army Knife
5.) Subzero Sleeping Bag
6.) Paracord bracelet – always
7.) Fishing kit
8.) Northface all weather jacket/pants
9.) Double water proof socks
10.) Rubber/insulated hiking boots, link below…keep the conversation going!

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