Anker Cancels 'West Ridge' Climb on Everest

We reported last month in the article “Climbing Season Kicks off on Big E” that Conrad Anker and Cory Richards would attempt the West Ridge route on Mount Everest carrying all their own food, shelter, and equipment. Well, things have changed, as you’ll see on National Geographic’s Everest micro-site. Richards was evacuated from Base Camp to Kathmandu after a medical emergency. The West Ridge plan has been canceled due to unsafe climbing conditions. Now Anker and other National Geographic Expedition members turn their attention to the peak’s trade route, the Southeast Ridge, with summit pushes ramping up as we write.

mount everest west ridge.jpg

West Ridge and the Hornbein Couloir; © David Breashears

Here below are a few new images from the action on Everest this year. The photos, from the June edition of National Geographic magazine for iPad, show some of the beauty and drama on this peak. The plans have changed for the National Geographic Expedition this spring. But the final goal, the summit of the world’s highest peak, remains still the same. —Stephen Regenold

Sunrise on Everest.jpg

The sun sets over the west shoulder of Everest (right) and Nuptse, a neighboring peak; © Cory Richards/National Geographic

everest icefall ladders.jpg

At dawn, a Sherpa runs uphill across a ladder spanning a crevasse at the top of the Khumbu Icefall; © Mark Jenkins/National Geographic

mount everest base camp.jpg

Dawa and Danuru (at right) talk with fellow Sherpas at Camp 2; © Andy Bardon/National Geographic

Conrad Anker on Everest.jpg

Conrad Anker and Simone Moro chat in Base Camp; © Andy Bardon/National Geographic

—Stephen Regenold wrote about gear on Everest for National Geographic in the article “Everest Climbing Gear—Then and Now.” covered a unique expedition on Everest last month in the post “History Retraced on Mount Everest This Spring.”

national geographic ipad.jpg

June edition of National Geographic magazine for iPad

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Posted by tom - 09/27/2012 10:22 PM

Nobukazu Kuriki , a Japanese comedian, is back to Mt. Everest again this fall.
This is his 4th attempt to scale the mountain via the West ridge – Hornbein route.
In fall of 1978, Reinhold Messner once considered this ridge as a route of his solo ascent without supplemental Oxygen,

but he dropped it due to formidable difficulties and dangers.

Mr. Kuriki has begun his quest back in 2009.

His first attempt was from the Tibet side but failed before reaching Norton couloir.
Following years he took the normal route (the South Col route) in spring of 2010 and 2011 but gave up even before reaching the South Col (approx. elv. at 7,900m).

According to the recent announcement by his agency, Mr. Kuriki has returned to his BC after 2 nights of acclimation at 7200m , approx. 250m below the West ridge Col.

His summit push is schedule to start on Sept. 29th.

Mr. Kuriki claims his climbing style is “solo-without Oxygen tanks” .
However a mountaineering discussion group section of the most popular Japanese internet community (2ch) criticizes his claim as a hoax.
There are many evidences indicating assistance by his privately hired Sherpa and possible use of Oxygen tanks.

Today most of those evidence such as his articles, photographs, and video clips are already removed from the internet.

Hot discussions and disputes are going on every day and night between the community members and his followers.

Here is Mr. Kuriki’s Web. illustrating the route. And a video clim at 7200m below West ridge.

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