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Meet JACK: ARB’s Safer, Easier High-Lift Solution

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When you get stuck off road, especially in a lifted 4×4, you need more than a basic bottle jack. ARB now offers a safer, lighter, more compact alternative to the traditional high-lift jack. Let me introduce you to JACK!

ARB offers a wide range of overland and off-road products. It’s probably most well known for its airbag compliant and crash-tested bumpers for nearly all top 4×4 vehicles. Its lines of 12-volt fridges, rooftop tents, recovery tools, BP51 suspensions, IPF lighting products, and Old Man Emu suspension systems have also put them at the top of many off-road adventurers’ shopping lists.

The all-new ARB JACK will be available on North American soil this June. It’s a hydraulic actuated lifting device designed specifically for the off-road community.

The idea was to create a lighter, more compact, safer high-lift jack. You can’t use JACK as a winch/come along as you can a traditional high-lift. But you can use it to lift a vehicle to fill in voids beneath the tires, move a vehicle out of awkward situations, and break the bead on a tire.

Safer High-Lift Jack

The ARB JACK offers a ton of convenience and safety not present with a traditional high lift. The big handle, which raises the vehicle a full half-inch on each down stroke, is nearly effortless. A red lever lowers the jack, with two descent speeds to choose from.

A built-in bumper on the top of the jack protects the body of your vehicle while lifting. The built-in base at the bottom adjusts to conform to the terrain, providing an extremely stable lifting platform. An aluminum body and nitride shaft keep the JACK lightweight, extremely strong, and corrosion resistant.

ARB JACK: Helpful but Pricy

The ARB JACK undoubtedly has many advantages over the traditional high-lift jack. However, those advantages do come with a big hit to your bank account.

JACK will cost you a whopping $812. A comparable high-quality high-lift jack, the Hi-Lift X-TREME 48”, will only set you back $128. For that $684 you save 4 pounds and 17 inches of storage space. You also gain a lot of safety and ease of use. You do, however, give up 251 pounds of lifting capacity and the ease of field repairs to the jack.

The Radflo Hydra-Jac is a similar high-lift option that has been on the market for a number of years. It retails for about half the price of the ARB JACK and is about half the weight, but it offers only about half the lifting capacity. It is very similar to the ARB JACK in terms of size, ease of use, and safety.

Below, compare aspects of the three high-lift jacks mentioned above:

ARB JACK: $812, 4,409 lb load rating, weighs 28 lbs, 35”x8”x6”,  22” travel

Radflo Hydra-Jac: $450, 2,200 lb load rating, weighs 13 lbs, 37” long, 18.1” travel

Hi-Lift X-TREME 48”: $128, 4,660 lb load rating, weighs 32 lbs, 52”x10.2”x5.5”, travel not specified

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