Dream Job: Photojournalist In Norway

The chance to play outside for a living doesn’t come along every day. But when it does, we want to give you a shot at it. Our “Dream Jobs” column highlights some of the best outdoor gigs we see. Happy hunting.

Myrdal hike to Vatnahalsen Hotel
Myrdal hike to Vatnahalsen Hotel; photo by Sean McCoy

Dream Job: Photojournalist in Norway (2 weeks, travel, lodging, and food is covered)

Job Description: Visit Norway is looking for a photographer to explore Norway for two weeks sometime between May 25 and June 29, sharing photos and blogging about the experiences for VisitNorway.com. The individual will visit the country’s urban centers, quaint villages, and coastal region, participating in activities like kayaking, glacier hiking, and summer skiing.

Requirements: According to Visit Norway, the ideal candidate “enjoys new cultures, lives and breathes the outdoors, and loves photography.” We’d suggest social media savvy and some video chops as well. Be sure to act fast: Deadline is April 8, 2015.

Compensation: Visit Norway will cover all travel and accommodations and provide a per diem for food.

How to Apply: Head over to DreamJobbing.com’s VisitNorway page and upload a one-minute video letting them know why you’re right for the gig.

Billy Brown

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