Dream Job: Woods Canada Explorer

The chance to play outside for a living doesn’t come along every day. But when it does, we want to give you a shot at it. Our “Dream Jobs” column highlights some of the best outdoor gigs we see. Happy hunting.

Dream Job: Woods Canada Explorer

Job Description: Canadian outdoor gear and apparel company Woods Canada is looking to hire a team of two to travel across Canada via the Trans Canada Trail (TCT), stopping at key points of interest, representing the brand and sharing experiences through regular photo, video, and written updates. In short, have a great time in the Canadian wild and encourage others to do the same.

Requirements: Ideal applicants will have extensive outdoor knowledge and experience, be an avid social media user and content creator, and will be able to work with a team and act as a personable brand ambassador. Photography and video skills, media training, and bilingualism are all pluses.

Compensation: You ready for this? Woods is kicking down $20,000 Canadian for the five month contract, with a potential $2,000 bonus at the end of the term. They will also provide the gear, cover travel and hotels/lodging expenses, and provide a $300/week per diem (for you Latin nerds, that’s a “per septimana”).

How to Apply: Head over to the online application and submit a video and a resume (photos are optional). Duos can submit videos together or individually.

Good luck!

Billy Brown

Billy Brown has a problem sitting still. His constant search for the next challenge has him doing everything from running ultramarathons and climbing 14er’s to gaining 40 pounds to compete in powerlifting, breaking several state records and growing a killer beard in the process. With over a decade of writing under his belt, his work, covering action sports, gear, and beer, can be found in a variety of publications. He lives with his wife and their two cats in Sacramento, California.