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Eco-Challenge Fiji: Meet the Teams in the ‘World’s Toughest Race’

World’s Toughest Race
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Billed as ‘the world’s toughest race,’ Eco-Challenge Fiji fielded more than 60 teams from 30 countries. Here’s the rundown of Eco-Challenge teams and what you need to know to pick your favorite.

The highly anticipated reboot of the original ’90s reality saga, Eco-Challenge Fiji hits airwaves on August 14. Produced by Bear Grylls, Lisa Hennessy, Eric Van Wagenen, and Mark Burnett, Eco-Challenge will be a 10-part series on Amazon Prime Video.

The race covers more than 415 miles (671 km) in an “expedition with a stopwatch.” It combines endurance multisport racing and reality television in one of the most beautiful locations on Earth. Expect plenty of water, mud, sand, dirt, and rock! Eco-Challenge keeps throwing obstacles at exhausted competitors as they make their way, nonstop, through Fiji’s diverse course.

Using paddles, mountain bikes, feet, rope, and navigation tools, the teams of five (with at least one member of the opposite sex) find their way and solve a variety of problems en route to the finish.

Burnett launched the first Eco-Challenge 25 years ago and brought Grylls on as Executive Producer to help revive the race. More than 330 athletes came together to race in front of 35 camera crews, including cameras on drones and plenty of helicopter shots.

World’s Toughest Race,

Mainstream sports are child’s play compared to the human drama that will unfold in such a stressful setting. Expect teams imploding on camera as they confront physical, environmental, and emotional hurdles that make for inspiring and, likely, mind-boggling footage.

So without further ado, meet the teams of Eco-Challenge Fiji and let us know about your favorites in the comments as the event unfolds on August 14!

Eco-Challenge Teams

Team Outlab Argentina (Argentina)

Passionate about the health of the planet, Team Outlab Argentina loves the earth, water, sun, and wind.

Competitors: Alejandro Eugenio Kuryluk (TC), Ignacio Raigoso, Silvina Bedecarras, Leonardo Yozzi, Fabian Cordiviola (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamOutlabArgentina

Team Tierra Viva (Argentina)

Team Tierra Viva is an Argentinian team formed by two friends’ marriages. They all work in activities related to mountains, tourism, and the organization of sporting events.

Competitors: Guri Aznarez (TC), Veronica Astete, Juan Diego Lotz, Soledad Ermosilla, Dr. Marcelo Parada (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamTierraViva

Team 2nd Chance (Australia)

With a strong adventure racing background, Team 2nd Chance consists of Australian expedition racers and a husband-and-wife duo.

Competitors: Deanna Blegg (TC), Maria Plyashechko, Sergey Kurvo, Darren Clarke, Gavin Allen (TAC)

Hashtag: #Team2ndChance

Team Aussie Rescue (Australia)

A team made up of paramedics, firefighters, special ops, and social impact entrepreneurs, Team Aussie Rescue will maintain their fun Aussie banter and uncomfortable honesty, which will get them through the dark to the Eco-Challenge finish line.

Competitors: Samantha Gash (TC), Morgan Coull, Mark Wales, Jarrod Mitchell, Joshua Lynott (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamAussieRescue


Team Gippsland Adventure (Australia)

Team Gippsland Adventure is made up of experienced orienteers, runners, and adventure racers. They have been friends for years, but this is the first time they’ll all be racing together as one team.

Aaron Prince comes from adventure race royalty, and we should expect a lot from this team. He grew up in Christchurch, New Zealand, lives in Sweden, and his parents were some of the original adventure racers. This team shouldn’t get lost.

Competitors: Rob Preston (TC), Kathryn Preston, Tim Boote, Aaron Prince, Patrick Howlett (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamGippslandAdventure

Team Mad Mayrs (Australia)

This family team consists of two brothers, one cousin, and an honorary family member. They were all born in Australia and have shared a lifetime of adventures together around the world.

Competitors: Tyson Mayr (TC), Elijah Mayr, Nick Mayr, Courtney Home, Chris Dixon (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamMadMayrs

Team Scouts Australia (Australia)

Team Scouts Australia goes back two decades in Scouting — from their own teenage years taking part in hiking competitions to teaching kids how to thrive in the outdoors more recently. But they remain relatively new to the world of adventure racing.

Competitors: Myall Quint (TC), Marni Williams, Bernard Cronan, Benjamin (Ben) Warner, Brett Johnson (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamScoutsAustralia

Team Thunderbolt AR (Australia)

Team Thunderbolt AR is a group of donut loving, joke-telling, trash-talking friends (and twin sisters). They have raced with or against each other for many years fighting for the top step of the podium in the Australian adventure racing scene.

Competitors: Dave Schloss (TC), Bernadette Dornom, Elizabeth Dornom, Leo Theoharis, Jan Leverton (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamThunderboltAR

Team To-Get-Ther (Belgium)

Team To-Get-Ther hails from Belgium and likes to push themselves to the limit while enjoying nature and each other — no matter what.

Competitors: Ludo Kaethoven (TC), Debby Urkens, Katrien Aerts, Jurgen Frtizz De Grauwe, Roger Urkens (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamTogether

Team Atenah Brasil (Brazil)

With a friendship spanning over 21 years, Team Atenah Brasil has traveled, lived, and raced together in two Eco-Challenges. But unfortunately, one member fell ill and they had to exit the race. They’re back in hopes to redeem themselves in Fiji.

This team packs a punch and is known for going hard and staying steady. Watch for sparks to fly from Team Atenah.

Competitors: Shubi-Silvia Guimares (TC), Karina Bacha Lefevre, Nora Audre, Jose Caputo, Jose Pupo (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamAtenahBrasil

Team Vidaraid Adventure (Brazil)

Team Vidaraid Adventure is an international adventure racing team based in the USA, Spain, and Brazil. Individually, they compete in mountain biking, ultra trail running, triathlons, kayaking, and every type of orienteering race.

Competitors: Marco Amselem Rossini (TC), Urtiz Iglesias, Guilherme Pahl, Camila Nicolau, Artiz Bilbao Guerrero (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamVidaraidAdventure

Team Atlas (Canada)

Team Atlas hails from Canada, and expedition racing is their way to discover the unique places they want to visit around the world.

Competitors: Alexandre Provost (TC), Karine Corbell, Lars Bukkehave, Mark Sky, Tessa Jennison (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamAtlas

Team Canada Adventure (Canada)

A group of mostly Canadian world-class ultra-endurance athletes and adventurers, the team includes an obstacle course racing legend, a four-time Adventure Racing World Series event winner, a Spartan Pro Team member, and a mountain biker and orienteerer.

Competitors: Bob Miller (TC), Ryan Atkins, Scott Ford, Rea Kolbl, Wayne Leek (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamCanadaAdventure

Team Peak Pursuit (Canada)

Team Peak Pursuit is a group of wildland firefighters from British Columbia, Canada. Having spent many seasons fighting wildfires together, they have formed an extremely tight group who have worked, lived, and played together.

Competitors: Benjamin Kwiatkowski (TC), Thomas Hardy, Elora Van Jarrett, Jasper Edge, Laura Lejune (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamPeakPursuit


Team True North (Canada)

Team True North is a father-daughter, father-son team from central Canada, accompanied by their friend. Both fathers were part of the original True North squad that was the only Canadian team to finish Eco-Challenge Argentina in 1999.

Competitors: Alex Man (TC), Rebecca Man, Philip Roadley, Logan Roadley, Jason Gillespie (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamTrueNorth

Team Costa Rica (Costa Rica)

Team Costa Rica is made up of five friends who share a profound connection with nature and an innate desire for exploring. Racing Eco-Challenge has been a lifelong dream for all of them.

Competitors: Eduardo Baldioceda (TC), Sergio Sanchez, Gerhard Linner, Veronica Bravo, Eric Cano (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamCostaRica

Team Czech (Czech Republic)

Team Czech is a team of adventure-addicted outdoors-lovers who are happiest when they are racing through the unknown and undiscovered. They know their strong friendship will help them overcome any obstacles on the course and across the finish line.

Competitors: Jan Cisar (TC), Pavel Paloncy, Tereza Rudolfova, Jan Obuskevic, Libor Kriz (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamCzech

Team Eco DXB (Dubai)

Team Eco DXB competitors have a combined strong level of experience and skill set that is perfectly geared to compete on an extreme level.

Competitors: Emma Taylor (TC), Khalifa Algharfi, Ali Monguno, Ivana Kolaric, Peter Langley (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamEcoDXB

Team Epic Ecuador (Ecuador)

An unlikely mix of ages, backgrounds, and experience make up this team, which includes two professional mountaineers, one triathlete, and one very determined housewife. Epic Ecuador teammates share the belief that teamwork, perseverance, and a sense of humor will pull them through just about any obstacle.

Competitors: Amber Laree de Freire (TC), Oswaldo (Ossy) Freire, Diana Artete, Pablo Sandoval, Paul Guerra (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamEpicEcuador

Team Estonian ACE (Estonia)

Team Estonian ACE is a team who all have strong navigation backgrounds. Trekking over pathless terrain is their preferred type of adventure racing. This team is known for being spot-on with their navigation, and we should expect them to be persistent competitors with laser-like focus and even possible podium contenders.

Competitors: Silver Eensaar (TC), Timmo Tammemae, Reeda Tuula-Fjodorov, Rain Eensaar, Arthur Raichmann (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamEstonianACE

Team Namako (Fiji)

Team Namako encompasses Fijian locals and one Australian who are all current/former athletes and have the hometown advantage by having this amazing adventure hosted in their backyard.

Competitors: Alivate Logavatu (TC), Petero Manoa, Eroni Takape, Kim Beckinsale, Courtney Nicole Kruse (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamNamako

Team Tabu Soro (Fiji)

Team Tabu Soro loosely translates to “Never Give Up” and this is what they must find within each other and as a team to cross the finish line while pushing themselves to their physical and mental limits.

Competitors: Uri Kurop (TC), Adam Wade, William Simpson, Anna Cowley, Semiti Tuitoga (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamTabuSoro

Team France Expenature (France)

Made up of five experienced adventure racers, Team France Expenature is made up of three experienced adventure guides including a trekking expert, a veteran of Eco-Challenge, and a member who has raced across the globe.

Competitors: Romy “Romulad” Viale (TC), Daphne Derouch, Calais Jean Baptiste, Benjamin Midena, Philippe Marchegay (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamFranceExpenature

Team Hombres D’Maiz (Guatemala)

Team Hombres D’Maiz was formed in 1999 and has since competed all over the world in sprint, stage, and expedition-length adventure races after being inspired to start adventure racing from the first Eco-Challenge.

Competitors: Netzer Quan (TC), Andres Duante, Gabriela Molina, Sebastian Lancho, Leopoldo Bolanes (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamHombresDMaiz

Team Khukuri Warriors (India)

Team Khukuri Warriors is the first team from India to join Eco-Challenge. The team is led by 28-year-old twin sisters, who by the young age of 23 had already defied gender stereotypes in a largely rural, conservative India to summit Mt. Everest and travel to both the North and South poles. They are joined by a mountain climbing, a skiing and rafting expert, a doctor, and their father, a former colonel in the Indian Army.

Competitors: Tashi Malik (TC), Nungshi Malik, Brandon Fisher, Praveen Singh Rangar, Col VS Malik (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamKhukuriWarriors


Team Ireland AR (Ireland)

A team of endurance athletes from Ireland and the United States who came together after they heard the legend of Eco-Challenge Fiji 2019 was back.

Competitors: Rob Heffernan (TC), Jason Black, Mark Lattanzi, Rachel Nolan, Ivan Park (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamIrelandAR

Team Israel (Israel)

Team Israel is back 18 years after competing in Eco-Challenge New Zealand. The team consists of a world champion sailor and Olympic coach of the Israel sailing team, a long-distance swimmer; a runner and IRONMAN athlete; a mountaineer; an explorer, adventurer, and Eco-Challenge veteran; and a longtime ultra-endurance athlete.

Competitors: Elad Benjamin (TC), Daniel Keren, Ben Enosh, Linur Krigel Tsarfati, Amit Weiner (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamIsrael

Team Freemind Italia (Italy)

Team Freemind Italia is a mix of friends and family with an unbeatable combination of experience and enthusiasm whose goal is leaving Eco-Challenge full of new experiences, knowledge, and memories.

Competitors: Marco Ponteri (TC), Clelia Ponteri, Beppe Scotti, Telemaco Murgia, Tiziano Murgia (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamFreemindItalia

Team East Wind (Japan)

Team East Wind has been racing since 1996 and won the special spirit award at Eco-Challenge 1998.

Competitors: Masato Tanaka (TC), Machiko Nishii, Koki Yasuda, Akira Yonemoto, Masayuki Takahata (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamEastWind

Team Teenek Mexico (Mexico)

Team Teenek Mexico is an adventure racing team founded 8 years ago in Hidalgo, Mexico, to compete in the AR World Series.

Competitors: Jorge Mendiola (TC), Ulises Gonzalez, Tomas Perez, Kathryn Morland, Fransico Mendiola (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamTeenekMexico

Team Tollocan Mexico (Mexico)

Team Tollocan Mexico is always hungry for a challenging adventure and is looking forward to experiencing Eco-Challenge firsthand.

Competitors: Alejandro Carretero (TC), Yara Borbon, Fernando Villicana, Jorge Pavon, Adolfo Vela (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamTollocanMexico

Team Checkpoint Hunters (Netherlands)

Team Checkpoint Hunters are out to seek the ultimate adventure, get a bit crazy, and play outside.

Competitors: Tom Oude Nijhuis (TC), Nienke Veenman, Wouter Neven, Rene Wolkorte, Tim Teutelink (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamCheckpointHunters

Team New Zealand (New Zealand)

Team New Zealand mildly casts itself as “a group of friends looking forward to adventuring through Fiji.” If ever there was a case of sandbagging, this characterization is it. This team is in it to win it, and we have a favorite to pick, the Kiwis get the nod.

Competitors: Nathan Fa’avee (TC), Sophie Hart, Stuart Lynch, Chris Forne, Mark Rayward (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamNewZealand

Team Tiki Tour (New Zealand)

Team Tiki Tour is a group of Kiwis that take on “Tiki Tours” in rugged alpine terrain. Although the alps are vastly different from the terrain they will experience in the Fijian tropics, they’re up for the challenge.

Competitors: Tom Lucas (TC), Micheal Kelly, Joanna Williams, George Lucas, Jeremy Warnock (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamTikiTour

Team Science Winning (Russia)

Eco-Challenge’s first team from Russia is Team Science Winning. The team is a group of friends that consists of a husband-and-wife duo, a professional photographer, and an ultrarunner and world traveler.

Competitors: Eduard Khalilov (TC), Evgeniya Khalilov, Viktor Sherstiuk, Valeriy Cherkasov, Vyacheslav Obrazstov (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamScienceWinning

Team Meridianoraid Spain (Spain)

Team Meridianoraid Spain is a group of friends that have been heavily involved in the world of adventure racing for decades by both competing and organizing races. Plenty of experience should be the rudder that sees Team Meridianoraid through at a steady clip.

Competitors: Antonio de la Rosa Suarez (TC), Jesus Bermejo, Pablo Samper, Lucia Funes Mendez, Luis Cabrera (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamMeridianoraidSpain

Team Summit (Spain)

Team Summit is made up of a group of people who have a broad experience in expedition races. This will be the first time Team Summit races together as a team in 10 years. As with their fellow Spaniards, Team Meridianoraid, Team Summit packs a wealth of experience and heard-earned grit for the sport, and they should finish strong.

Competitors: Emma Roca (TC), Jukka Pinola, Fran Lopez Costoya, Albert Roca Velazquez, David Rovira Roqueta (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamSummit

Team Cyanosis (South Africa)

Team Cyanosis is a team that has truly stood the test of time. Two of the members have been racing together for over 16 years and will be joined by two other very experienced and highly capable adventure racers. This is another veteran team of OG adventure racers who promise to impress in a sport where experience and equanimity dominate over speed.

Competitors: Clinton Mackintosh (TC), Nicholas Mulder, Sarah Fairmaid Clarke, Darren Barry, Steven Burnett (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamCyanosis


Team Swedeforce (Sweden)

All connected by the Swedish Army, Team Swedeforce’s goal is to bring military tactics and strategies onto Eco-Challenge because they’re racing for soldiers and officers who will be watching proudly as they compete under the Swedish flag.

Competitors: John Karlsson (TC) , Malin Hjalmarsson, Emil Dahlqvist, Staffan Björklund, Johan Lilja (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamSwedeforce

Team Turk (Turkey)

Team Turk includes a mix of past Eco-Challenge competitors. The team includes two brothers, a three-time Eco-Challenge veteran, a football player and national wrestling champion, and a former fitness instructor who loves the mountains.

Competitors: Serdar KIlic (TC), Kenan Saran, Mike Saran, Eliska Hudcova, Andac Guven (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamTurk

Team UK Adventurers (United Kingdom)

Inspired by the first season of Eco-Challenge, Team UK Adventurers has lots of racing experience and wants to find out if Eco-Challenge is as tough as it gets. They will hopefully inspire others to join the world of adventure racing.

Competitors: Kevin Stephens (TC), Joseph Selby, Nathalie Long, Tim Stephens, Gill Watson (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamUKAdventurers

Team Chips Adventure (Uruguay)

Team Chips Adventure all met working in computer science. In the realm of computers, a chip is an integrated circuit, specially designed to fulfill a specific job. Like a chip, each member of the team “works” supports, and helps others to achieve a common goal together.

Competitors: Nicolas Davyt (TC), Luis Enrique Gomez, David Vega, Alejandra Isabella, Ernesto Parra (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamChipsAdventure

Team Uruguay Natural (Uruguay)

Uruguay Natural has been racing together for almost 21 years and has competed in two Eco-Challenges. The team is racing because, in their opinion, adventure racing is the best feeling a person can have, surrounded by wild nature and powerful rival teams.

Competitors: Ruben Mandure (TC), Fredrica Frontini, Gonzalo Smaldone, Thiago Bonini, Laura Moratorio (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamUruguayNatural

Team Able Abels (USA):

Team Able Abels consists of an Eco-Challenge Fiji 2002 veteran who is returning 18 years later with his two daughters, an experienced navigator, and his wife as the Team Assistant Crew.

Competitors: Dan Abel (TC), Ashley Abel, Lauren Abel, Fletcher Hammel, Allison Abel (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamAbleAbels

Team AR Georgia (USA):

Team AR Georgia consists of a father-and-son duo, two experienced adventure racers, and the world’s youngest expedition racer and three-time world record-holder.

Competitors: Thomas Ambrose (TC), Katie Ferrington, Jeff Leininger, Hunter Leininger, Jeni Mcneal (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamARGeorgia

Team Bend Racing (USA):

Team Bend Racing is an eclectic mix of circus acrobats, yoga teachers, and helicopter pilots. But all have recently embarked on the greatest adventure of them all: parenthood.

Tied closely to Gear Junkie — with some of the members having raced under the GJ/Yoga Slackers moniker — this team has an arsenal of talents. It has earned formidable fortitude over years of expedition and shorter adventure races, rugged careers, and a lot of hard training.

Competitors: Jason Magness (TC), Melissa Coombes, Stephen Thomas, Daniel Staudigel, Darren Steinbach (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamBendRacing

Team Bones Adventure (USA)

Bones Adventure consists of two amazing female athletes and two veteran male racers. All four placed ninth at Eco-Challenge Fiji 2002, and, along with their new member, the team is looking to improve (and survive again) this year. The credentials of Team Bones were hard-earned and promise to pay off with an impressive, steadfast effort out on the course.

Competitors: Roy Malone (TC), Mari Chandlar, Charles Triponez, Jen Segger, David Egbert (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamBonesAdventure

Team Canyoneros (USA)

Team Canyoneros is made up of four passionate video game-makers and an animal-lover. After racing for the last 7 years, they’re still looked at as the underdogs everyone loves to root for.

Competitors: HIen Nguyen (TC), Greg Watson, Nathan Whitaker, Lena Mcknight, Steven Geer (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamCanyoneros

Team Checkpoint Zero (USA)

Team Checkpoint Zero are close friends who have been racing together for over 6 years, love to push their physical limits, and hail from Georgia, North Carolina, and Michigan.

Competitors: Shane Hagerman (TC), Christopher Von Ins, Peter Jolles, Michele Hobson, Micheal Seroczynski (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamCheckpointZero

Team Curl (USA)

A beach volleyball player and a professional soccer player team up with a teacher, an ultrarunner, and a paramedic to inspire others, especially curly-haired folks, to challenge themselves and explore the world.

Competitors: Jennifer Hemmen (TC), Justin Smith, Brett Gravlin, Steven Lenhart, Jeff Failers (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamCurl

Team Eagle Scouts (USA)

Boy Scouts of America’s Team Eagle Scouts is made up of five individuals, five different life stories, and decades of leadership and outdoor experience with the same connection: a life in Scouting and all achieving the highest award in their respective Scouting program.

The team includes a polar expedition guide, a mountain climber, a professional snowboarder, an ultramarathon runner, and an outdoor educator and conservationist.

Competitors: Eric Lillistorm (TC), Matthew Moniz, Katie Hancock, Corey Mullins, Charley Walton (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamEagleScouts

Team Endure (USA)

Team Endure toes the line at Eco-Challenge Fiji 2002 to celebrate living fully, persevering in the face of adversity, and the foundational importance of friends and family. They’re experienced adventure racers with past finishes at Eco-Challenge and similar events. We will see a lot of Team Endure as part of Amazon’s coverage.

Mark Macy — one of the original Eco-Challenge heroes as part of Stray Dogs and Travis Macy’s father — suffers from Alzheimer’s. Travis grew up in the sport. Danelle Ballengee has won as much as any woman in the sport and survived a harrowing fall in her hometown of Moab, Utah, where her dog came to her rescue. This team will surely inspire.

Competitors: Travis Macy (TC), Mark Macy, Danelle Ballengee, Shane Sigle, Andrew Speers (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamEndure


Team Flying J (USA)

Since participating in Eco-Challenge Fiji 2002, adventure has remained a huge part of this team’s lives. The team is racing in memory of Dianette Wells’ son, Johnny Strange. Another team of AR veterans, the inspiration and dedication will surely drive Flying J to labor on through anything this grueling course promises to throw their way.

Competitors: Dianette Wells, Guy LaRocque, Harald Zundel, Blain Reeves, Brian Johnson (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamFlyingJ

Team Iron Cowboy (USA)

Team Iron Cowboy means sacrifice, persistence, and resilience — a team forged by friendship with a thirst for fun and adventure. This team is grateful to be competing against the best in the world, and you won’t be able to wipe the smiles off their faces.

With triathlon at their core, James Lawrence having done 50 IRONMAN-distance tris in 50 days in 50 states, it will be impressive to watch Iron Cowboy convert their forward-moving prowess into all the side-steps required by adventure racing.

Competitors: Sonja Wieck (TC), James Lawrence, Shaun Christian, Aaron Hopkinson, Joe Morton (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamIronCowboy

Team Nika (USA)

Team Nika is made up of CrossFit and jiu-jitsu fanatics, including CrossFit and ultramarathon athletes, a gym owner, a firefighter, a spartan racer, and a football coach. They’re racing in memory of their close friend Brad Strickland. This team will be highlighted for the broadcast and likely to show some grit and drama for the cameras during their arduous Fijian adventure.

Competitors: Jeffery Bates (TC), Kara Haun, Ashley Andrews, John Bender, Keira Galan (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamNika

Team Onyx (USA)

Team Onyx will be the first entirely African American adventure racing team to compete on the global stage. The team features a mixture of gay and straight athletes, including a seasoned adventure racer and former Marine, a former Navy SEAL and Crossfit gym owner, a record-holding ultramarathoner, a skilled ultra-endurance mountain biker, and a filmmaker and former basketball player.

The cameras will also be focused on Team Onyx, so be prepared to get to know the individuals who constitute it up close.

Competitors: Clifton Lyles (TC), Corree Aussem-Woltering, Samantha Scipio, Chirss Smith, Mikayla Lyless (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamOnyx

Team Out There (USA)

Endurance sports junkies and experienced adventure racers form the backbone of Team Out There. They share a combined total of five Eco-Challenge wins! The adventure race pedigree of Team Out There is outstanding, and it’s America’s best chance for a podium contender.

Team captain Mike Kloser is always laser-focused on winning and knows just how to do it, beginning with choosing the best teammates and then training hard with tons of time off trail. Land travel, especially in the saddle, will be Out There’s forte. And if they can nail the paddling, they’ll be golden.

Competitors: Mike Kloser (TC), Josiah Middaugh, Gretchen Reeves, Gordon Townsend, Neil Jones (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamOutThere

Team Peak Traverse (USA)

Team Peak Traverse is a ragtag group of survivors, marathoners, and trekkers whose combined experience will take them far in the race.

Competitors: Ryan Opray (TC), Tim Cannard, Mikayla Wingle, Daniel Bussius, Stephen Morrow (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamPeakTraverse

Team Regulators (USA)

Team Regulators, from Northern California, is composed of members with diverse backgrounds and skillsets. Their respective communities have been through a lot in recent years, including a devastating fire. But from fire to ice, they have endured it all and will continue to do whatever is needed to rebuild and come back stronger than before.

Competitors: Steven Bell (TC), Joshua Watkins, Heather Gustafson, Crista Jorgensen, Jason Hull (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamRegulators


Team Stray Dogs (USA)

With an average age of almost 66 years old and a combined 26 Eco-Challenge races under their belts, the Stray Dogs are the oldest and one of the most experienced teams. And in this event, experience counts for a lot.

While old dogs don’t necessarily move quickly, they probably won’t stray much either. So moving slowly but steadily in the right direction will likely get them to the finish line ahead of younger teams that move quickly in the wrong direction.

Competitors: Marshall Ulrich (TC), Adrian Crane, Bob Haugh, Nancy Bristow, Heather Ulrich (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamStrayDogs

Team Strong Machine (USA)

With the goal of getting to the finish line with closer family bonds than when they started, Team Strong Machine is composed of two parents, their son, and their friends.

Competitors: Cliff White (TC), Kate White, Starker White, Micheal Garrison, John McInnes (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamStrongMachine

Team Sundance Kids (USA)

Team Sundance Kids are family-first people with the irrational expectation that their adventures in the mountains, snow, and deserts of Utah have adequately prepared them for the humid jungles and salty oceans of Fiji.

Competitors: Chase McMillian (TC), Scott Ward, Sylvia Greer, Aaron Smith, Jason Serman (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamSundanceKids

Team Super Fighters (USA)

Team Super Fighters are racing together as best friends. Adventure racing unknowingly prepared them to face physical obstacles that could have claimed their lives but, fortunately, didn’t, allowing them to race in Fiji.

Competitors: Heather Flebb (TC), Cary Flebbe, Sean Martin, Micheal Nicolaides, Danny Trudeau (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamSuperFighters

Team Unbroken (USA)

Working their way through combat disabilities, wounds, and internal struggles, Team Unbroken is a team of veterans and civilians who are racing to remind themselves and others that you may be wounded, but you remain unbroken.

Competitors: Hal Riley (TC), Gretchen Evans, Dr. Anne Bailey, Keith Mitchell Knoop, Cale Yarborough (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamUnbroken

Team US Military (USA)

With decades of combined military and adventure racing experience, Team US Military has been dreaming about the possibility of competing in Eco-Challenge since the first season.

Competitors: Joshua Forester (TC), Caitlin Thorn, Jesse Tubb, Jesse Sprangler, Kevin Howser (TAC)

Hashtag: #TeamUSMilitary

Eco-Challenge Fiji Teams: TV programming and Background

The revival of Eco-Challenge brings Burnett’s career full circle, after first bringing Eco-Challenge to TV in 1995 and every subsequent year through 2002. The series earned Burnett his first Emmy.

Bear Grylls: 2019 Eco-Challenge Adventure Race in Fiji
Bear Grylls During the 2019 Eco-Challenge Adventure Race in Fiji

Grylls, who will host and executive produce Eco-Challenge, starred in seven seasons of the Discovery Channel’s Emmy Award-nominated “Man vs. Wild” television series, which was one of the most-watched shows of all time, reaching an estimated 1.2 billion viewers.

He currently stars in and produces the hit NBC primetime series “Running Wild with Bear Grylls” as well as Netflix’s “You vs. Wild.”

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