Geocache: Exploring Winter ‘Checkpoints’ In Frozen North

We commissioned Joshua Johnson, the famed Geocaching Vlogger, to record his 1,400 mile winter road trip where he visited 10 iconic Minnesota Checkpoints for a statewide scavenger hunt.

By the end of the month there will be ~8 videos total. Each one offers a first-person look at what it’s like to visit each Checkpoint, and Johnson is the ever-enthusiastic host.

As his moniker states, he is a geocacher, and all of his videos also feature unique caches he’s found along the way. From a fire-breathing dragon to disguised electrical cords, it’s fun to follow along to see what he’ll find next.

Johnson has an entire YouTube channel dedicated to geocaching where you can view hundreds of his video-blogs, or “vlogs,” as he calls them. Check out a few of our favorites from over the years. They are guaranteed to make you want to get out and have an adventure of your own.