Cyclist Mikah Meyer Bikepacks Across Oregon, Supports LGBTQ+ Safe Spaces Outdoors

Mikah Meyer wants to foster a safe space outdoors for all members of the LGBTQ+ community. Sometimes, that means doing things he’s never done before.

In the second installment to Schwinn’s “I Am A Cyclist” series, LGBTQ+ advocate Mikah Meyer embarks on his first-ever bikepacking trip. Over 14 days at 300-plus miles, Meyer — accompanied by his friend and cycling mentor — bikes across the state of Oregon.

Meyer founded Outside Safe Space. The effort encourages allies to wear an LGBTQ+ pin or sticker on their outdoor gear to indicate their affirmation of the community.

By sharing his adventures, Meyer seeks to elevate and cultivate more safe spaces for the community. Bikepacking across Oregon and road-tripping to all 419 National Park sites are part of that broader mission.

Catch Meyer’s journey toward personal growth and LGBTQ+ advocacy in this short film. And you can watch the first film in the “I Am A Cyclist” series, which follows Drew Bennett,  here.

Runtime: 3 minutes, 30 seconds

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