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BARE ExoWear: Thermal Protection for Water-Based Adventure

ExoWear is BARE’s line of insulated, windproof suits and accessories for head-to-toe protection while getting after it in — or above — the water.

BARE Sports ExoWear offers a full line of thermal garments fit for surfing, diving, kayaking, and standup paddleboarding. You can start with a full suit for the most coverage, or mix and match a watersport wardrobe from ExoWear’s shorts, shirts, vests, and other accessories.

Three-layer suits have an outer layer, membrane, and inner fleece against the skin. The technical properties of these layers create a garment that’s “water-repellant, windproof, breathable, quick-drying, wicking, and antimicrobial,” according to the brand.

Additionally, the fabrics stretch four ways to allow more freedom of movement.

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ExoWear Exposure Protection

The ExoWear collection uses three-layer fabric with OMNIRED Technology, which has thermo-reactive minerals woven in. The brand claims these minerals convert body heat into infrared energy, which is then reflected toward your body. There’s also a fleece lining behind a windproof shell fabric that works to hold in heat as well.

Beyond keeping the core warm, people can dial their temperature regulation and protection from exposure with several garments and accessories. These can meet different needs for different watersports too. For instance, kayakers may go with shorts and a hooded vest, as their legs are already more protected from wind and water during their chosen activity.

Additionally, BARE chose wicking, quick-dry materials, and included treatments to ward off odors and mold. Here’s an overview of some key pieces from the ExoWear collection.

ExoWear Full Suit — Men’s & Women’s: $300

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Made to provide the most warmth, this suit is a neutrally buoyant, exposure-protection garment for any sport on the water. As the largest piece in the collection, ExoWear’s use of four-way-stretch fabric should be most noticeable here. Additionally, it has stirrups to hold it in place while surfing, diving, or kayaking.

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ExoWear Jacket — Men’s & Women’s: $160

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This full-zip jacket shields your trunk from cold winds and reflects body heat toward your core. If things warm up, simply unzip the front and release some heat.

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ExoWear Shorts — Men’s & Women’s: $100

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If you only want partial protection, consider these high-cut shorts with neoprene waist and leg bands, paired with a vest or jacket.

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ExoWear Hooded Vest: $130

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A hooded vest can warm your core and head, saving your energy for longer trips on or immersed in the water. The attached hood can keep your head warm while surfing, snorkeling, or diving and then be pulled back when bobbing on the surface.

Additionally, the large armholes promote freer arm movement for kayakers and paddleboarders as well as allow it to function as an added layer beneath another suit.

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ExoWear Gloves: $40

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Nobody likes cold hands, and yes, even these gloves incorporate the same three layers of protection and infrared reflection as the rest of the ExoWear line.

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All-Over Thermal Protection

The ExoWear line is BARE’s answer to multisport functionality. The array of insulated, windproof garments offers protection where you need it most. Whether you choose a full suit or smaller pieces and accessories, you still get a three-layer lined fabric to trap your body’s own heat and help ward off cooling winds that quickly burn up energy.

BARE stands by the mobility and functionality of its four-way stretch and infrared reflection when compared to similar products on the market. Of course, you can try it out for yourself — either one piece on its own or worn with an existing suit — and see for yourself.

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This article is sponsored by BARE. Find out more about its ExoWear collection of protective apparel and other watersports gear here.