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DIY Sock Design With DeFeet’s ‘Print My Sock’ Program

Send yourself socks that you design online, and you’ll add a little awesome to your kit.

Whether or not you think of yourself as having a good design sense or artistic skills, sometimes it’s just fun to try your hand at something new — like designing your own socks. Especially when the investment is a mere $30. With DeFeet’s PrintMySock custom sock designing program, you’re in the driver’s seat — no graphic design degree required.

DeFeet’s PrintMySock: Designing Your Socks

Click on PrintMySock on DeFeet’s website and pick your style: the AllDay, a crew-length ribbed multisport sock with a padded footbed, or the Levitator Lite, a lightweight cycling, running, or hiking sock with a flat toe seam and wicking, cooling mesh around the instep.

Then, you’ll be swooped into the design portal, where you can choose one of five to seven premade geometric designs. Then, add your own colors, or upload a photo with your logo or another design.

Once your design is done, you have the option to add text and choose your size. Some features we love are the “Paint by Number” option, which lets you fill in the colors of a predesigned template.

And, the “Upload Your Own Design” option gives you full design freedom with an uploaded image. Add text to the top, sides, or bottom of the foot, and logos on the front, back, sides, cuffs, or even on top of the toes.

I went for the paint-by-number option and made a pair of each model. I added text at the toe on the multisport sock and went nuts with the colors on the Levitator Lite.

defeet’s print my sock - original design
(Photo/Berne Broudy)

Thoughts on DeFeet Socks

Both the AllDay and the Levitator Lite use recycled plastic Repreve fabric, a performance fiber that wicks and keeps your feet warm on cold days and cool on hot ones. So, both styles are suited for all types of weather and use.

A week or so after designing, I got my socks in the mail. It felt like Christmas. While the print was almost too small to read on the toe of the AllDay, that was likely a user error.

There was a little bit of bleed between the dark blue and yellow squares on the Levitator Lite, but they were basically awesome. Now, I want to design new pairs and make them even better.

I’m pretty sure my socks won’t last more than a season of regular wear, but DeFeet socks have a 5-year warranty, so problem solved. Plus, they’re bright, fun, and comfortable.

And, one of a kind.

Love socks, but want your own style? Hop on DeFeet and get creative. The socks come in four sizes from small to extra-large. Design, pay, and in a week or two, you’ll have unique socks to complete your kit. New sock day is always a good day.

Design Your Own at DeFeet

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