Filson’s First-Ever Jeans: Brand Launches American-Made Denims

For more than a century, Filson has prided itself on making rugged, reliable gear and apparel. Now, the brand known for durable canvas and leather goods turns its attention to an American staple: denim jeans.

Jeans were still new to the scene when Filson began as a Seattle outfitter in 1897, so you’d be forgiven for associating Filson apparel with jeans 100 years ago. But with its new denim venture, the Washington-based company weaves its way into the classic American pants for the first time.


And despite its modern-day release, Filson calls back to the classic stylings and construction used in early jeans, methods mostly abandoned by brands that created the iconic pants.

“Denim is a timeless and everyday fabric, and there is a sense of arrival with bringing this line into Filson, alongside materials like our Tin Cloth and Mackinaw Wool that consumers have come to know and love,” said Alex Carleton, Filson’s chief creative officer.

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Filson Folded Jeans

Filson Dives Into Jeans

Filson designed its three styles of denim to withstand physical labor and everyday wear, although some lean toward one or the other. The jeans have a traditional five-pocket construction. And if you’re not among the initiated, the pocket watch pocket — the small one inside the front hand pocket — still works great for stashing any number of small items.


Each style uses different types of denim, yet all are sewn in America. Currently, all of Filson’s jeans come in a straight-leg cut, have zipper flies, and use a metal shank-button waist closure.

The Rail-Splitter Jeans ($165) represent the middle ground, with everyday styling that mixes American and Italian denim. With a straight-leg cut and reinforced rear pockets, these should seem familiar, although the fit and materials may be new. These jeans come in preshrunk raw or rinsed 100% cotton denim. The Indigo uses 14.5-ounce-weight denim, and the Rinse Black uses 13-ounce denim.


For the denim geeks who enjoy the heritage and diversity of jeans, Filson makes limited-edition Rail-Splitter Selvedge Jeans. At $225 a pair, this style is made from 13.5-ounce Japanese selvedge off of vintage shuttle looms. These traditional looms maintain a reputation for creating a tighter weave that adds durability.

On the workwear side of this denim range are the Bullbuck Double-Front Jeans ($185). These have reinforced double layering on the leg fronts, pocket bottoms, and rear pockets. The Bullbucks are made from 13-ounce 100% cotton denim.

Filson Jeans Fronts

About Filson

Filson began in 1897 as a Seattle outfitter for prospectors en route to the Yukon. It built apparel and gear that were up for the task and established the brand’s reputation for long-lasting quality.

Now, 123 years later, Filson is still headquartered in Seattle, Washington. The brand remains a leading outfitter and manufacturer of what it calls “unfailing goods” for outdoor enthusiasts. Built on a reputation for reliability, Filson is a favorite among anglers and hunters, engineers and explorers, mariners and miners — anyone who refuses to stay indoors.

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This article is sponsored by Filson. Find out more about its new denim styles and other goods here.