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In The Spotlight: Fjällräven Brand Profile

fjallraven spotlight
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Fjällräven. It’s the cool brand with the funky name. The Swedish company has a strong following in the U.S., even if most of us can’t pronounce it.

So, to start, let’s say it together. Fee-YALL-Raven. Er, something like that. But whether or not you can pronounce it, this established Nordic brand is upcoming in the rest of the world. This is what you want to know.

Fjällräven: Fast Facts

Founded In: 1960

Home: Sweden

Mission: “Our goal is to offer outdoor equipment that allows you to spend more – and more enjoyable – time in nature.”

The brand focuses on three tenets: functionality, durability, and dependability. It also stresses environmentalism, and is an industry leader in “eco” fabrics that use less harmful chemicals in manufacturing.

Buying Tip: Fjällräven products tend to come with higher price tags but are extremely durable, making them an investment that should last a long time. Be sure you’re happy with fit and style, because you’ll have this gear a while.

Buy From: Online, or dozens of specialty retailers in North America and worldwide.

Fun Trivia: Fjällräven means Arctic Fox in Swedish.

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Cool Tech

Fjällräven is a leader in “eco” shell fabrics. The brand makes a line of shell jackets and pants made from recycled polyester dubbed Eco-Shell. These shells do not use fluorocarbons, which are effective, but environmentally hazardous, water repellents. Instead, its proprietary DWR and manufacturing claims a more environmentally friendly composition.

Fjällräven: Top Products In 2017

Kanken Backpack

This backpack is an icon, and common on the backs of children and adults in many a mountain town. The daily-use pack was first made in 1978 for school kids. Today, it comes in a bunch of varieties for everything from laptop computers to loads of college textbooks.

Keb Trousers

The Keb Trouser is among the best-selling men’s products at Fjällräven. A tough blend of synthetic stretch fabrics and cotton form this cargo pant. The result is a do-anything pant intended for mountains, river crossings, bushwhacking, or whatever you can throw at them. They’re an investment at $200, but one that should last.

Nuuk Parka 

This long, heavy women’s parka is a fortress against the elements. It covers the upper body, waist, and thighs. It’s a winner for standing at a frigid bus stop in the frozen north. It keeps out wind, rain, and bitter cold. The waterproof, insulated jacket is fluorocarbon-free. It’s a hefty jacket, and purchase, at $500.

Fjällräven: Coming Soon

Available August 2017, Fjällräven introduces the Bergtagen Collection, a full system of mountaineering equipment for men and women.

The line includes sustainably designed shells, trousers, insulators, base layers, and accessories for men and women.

At the core of the line is the Bergtagen Eco-Shell Jacket (pictured above). Fjällräven designed the waterproof, three-layer shell for activities above the tree line. With purpose-built design, including Corylon reinforcements in abrasion-prone areas, waterproof zippers, and strategically placed seams to reduce chafing, this one looks like a winner.

It will cost $650 when it hits the market in August.

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