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(Gear)icatures: How Carl the Carpenter Stays Weather Ready and Gets the Job Done

Working in soggy conditions? Timberland PRO Weather Ready gear can help beat back the rain and turn that frown upside down — just ask Carl the Carpenter.

(Illustration/Ry Foat)
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Carl the Carpenter loves working hard. Well … he wants to love it, but construction is a young man’s game, and Carl’s no spring chicken. It’s not his first rodeo — or tenth, for that matter.

He works for the weekend. Most evenings, before heading home to his wife and kiddos — you can find him propped on his tailgate, chopping it up with his colleagues. He talks a lot of smack — but deep down, he cares deeply for his friends and coworkers.  

His coworkers call him “Old Dog,” and he’s become a bit of a father figure to the young bucks on the crew. “That’ll look decent if you step back and squint,” he jokes with the boys, clutching his morning cup of joe.

Despite the bumps and bruises, he approaches challenges head-on, and if you need something built, there’s no one better. And boy, he’s seen his fair share of messes. 

Tough as dirt, Carl has endured some truly awful workdays. Rain, snow, or sleet — he suffers them all with a grin, because he’s picked up some tricks along the way.  

A couple of years ago, Carl’s foreman told him about Timberland PRO Weather Ready gear, and it’s been his go-to ever since, especially on the most miserable workdays.

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Staying Weather Ready With Carl the Carpenter

To Carl, being Weather Ready means having gear that stands up to whatever Mother Nature has planned. He’s learned the hard way, many times — soaked and shivering — to always be prepared.

The job won’t stop, and neither will he — regardless of the suck factor. So he uses his Timberland PRO gear to stay warm and comfortable enough to focus on doing his best work (even if he’d rather be playing hooky to hang with his wife and kids).

Combining durable performance, waterproof/resistant materials, and a design that supports freedom of movement, Timberland PRO gear delivers the functionality Carl needs to crush his team’s goals, and (mostly pretend) to have a little fun doing it.

Weather Ready : Timberland PRO Hood Honcho Sport Hoodie
The Timberland PRO Hood Honcho Sport Hoodie; (illustration/Ry Foat)

Exhibit A: Timberland PRO Hood Honcho Sport Hoodie

When his coworkers are cold and miserable, Carl puts it into fifth gear with the Timberland PRO Hood Honcho Sport Hoodie. It’s durable and withstands all the collateral damage of the job site, but comfortable enough to help keep Carl relaxed and warm when the mercury starts to dip.

Its water-repellant face fabric shrugs off light drizzle — perfect for cooler, overcast days where he might want protection from a stray raindrop or two. And because Carl’s work relies on constant motion, he loves how the raglan sleeves help keep his movements effortless, even when layered over other shirts.

And let’s be honest: Carl’s foreman is always blowing him up to talk about ongoing truck repairs. So, Carl is the first person a lot of folks call for advice — his crew, buddies, and family included. He appreciates the Hood Honcho’s hidden, cellphone-friendly pocket that lets him keep his device at arm’s reach.

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Weather Ready : Timberland PRO Dryshift Jacket 2.0
The Timberland PRO Dryshift Jacket 2.0; (illustration/Ry Foat)

Exhibit B: Timberland PRO Dryshift Jacket 2.0

The Big Dog of the Weather Ready collection, the Timberland PRO Dryshift Jacket 2.0 is Carl’s go-to shell when “things” really hit the fan.

As the name implies, the Dryshift helps prevent cold winds and wet torrents from sabotaging Carl’s progress on the job. Despite its light weight, the Dryshift Jacket beats back the frigid gusts when temps dip below zero, especially when Carl reinforces it with the Hood Honcho Hoodie underneath.

Sometimes, Carl’s co-workers shoot first and aim second, so it’s a good thing that the Dryshift is equipped with work-friendly features that make Carl’s time at the job site safer, like its adjustable hood that fits over his hard hat and the reflective accents that keep him hi-vis in low-light conditions.

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The Boondock Composite Toe Waterproof Work Boot; (illustration/Ry Foat)
The Boondock Composite Toe Waterproof Work Boot; (illustration/Ry Foat)

Exhibit C: Boondock Composite Toe Waterproof Work Boot

The Timberland PRO Boondock Composite Toe Waterproof Work Boot is Carl’s beatdown-ready workhorse. Whether the job includes rain, sleet, snow — whatever — Carl knows he can trust the Boondock to help keep his feet warm, dry, and protected.

Its heavy-duty, industrial-grade materials and design make it completely at home when conditions turn south, even on the wettest days. Carl loves them because they help keep his feet dry and impervious to moisture, even after a rowdy-good soaking.

As he’s constantly hauling heavy materials and dealing with hazards of the job, the Boondock’s composite safety toes give Carl peace of mind so he can focus on staying safe and intentional while working. 

When the weather takes a turn, Carl knows he can rely on the Boondock’s rubber outsoles to maintain traction and flexibility. Because a too-stiff boot makes for a crabby Carl — and no one wants that!

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Weather Ready : Morphix Athletic-Fit Lightweight Pant
The Morphix Athletic-Fit Lightweight Pant; (illustration/Ry Foat)

Exhibit D: Morphix Athletic-Fit Lightweight Pant

The Timberland PRO Morphix Athletic-Fit Lightweight Pant helps keep Carl agile as he tackles various tasks throughout his workday (and runs to the sandwich shop to grab lunch for his crew).

At the center of the Morphix’s functionality is the four-way stretch performance fabric, allowing Carl to move freely and easily without hindrance or a hiccup.

The pant’s cotton/nylon blend ripstop is resistant to punctures and tearing that go hand-in-hand with the job site. And the blended fabric includes RainRepel water-resistant coating to enhance quick drying, so even if Carl gets caught in a downpour, the Morphix pant will recover quickly and shed lighter precip with ease.

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Timberland PRO cold co-worker

Exhibit E: Wet, Miserable Coworkers

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make ’em drink — or so the saying goes. Carl and his foreman have been telling the young bucks about Timberland PRO for years.

Timberland PRO Weather Ready gear gives Carl the gumption he needs to be the backbone of his team, and keep on pushing when the job (and life) gets tough.

This article is sponsored by Timberland PRO.

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