$1,000 Shorts Coach Your Workout

Recent advances in technology allow athletes to eschew the traditional heart-rate monitor strap in exchange for other wearable technology that accomplishes the same function. We first saw the wrist strap, then helmet, and even a running hat. Now, Myontec is putting “intelligence” in your shorts (cue joke … now).

The technology integrated in Myontec Mbody goes beyond the basic heart rate. By measuring the electrical activity of the muscles through electromyography, the Myontec Mbody will allow users to track “muscle load” and ratio, as well as cadence.

The data collected in the shorts will be used to provide feedback through audio coaching to the user in real time.

Like most workout apps, the data can be tailored to your age, gender and desired thresholds. The “MCell” computer attached to the shorts analyzes your muscle performance, overload warnings, training instructions, posture and other biometrics, and then it wirelessly transmits this data to your mobile device.

The app will transcribe data into audible real time bio-feedback in a “friendly yet firm coach voice.” A preview of the video indicates he’s an affable German fella.

After your session, you can analyze your workout, compare it to past workouts, review your progression, or simply share it via social media outlets.

The company is raising seed money through a Kickstarter campaign to bring this technology to the lay athlete.

While this could be a useful tool for the serious athlete, Mbody comes at a hefty price.

The package including an MCell (to measure and analyze your data), MShorts (with textile sensors and a pouch for the MCell), and an iOS or Android App rings in at around $1,000 on the Mbody website. The company Kickstarter hopes to drop the retail price to around $500 with a successful campaign.

The washable MShorts will be offered in six sizes, XS-XXL, in both a runners and cyclists version.

The key to any coaching relationship is knowing when to go hard and when to rest. Mbody sounds like a good tool to help you stay on track to better performance. And with an extravagant price, you appear to be paying personal trainer prices as well.