Inside This Jacket… Feathers From ‘Reclaimed’ Blankets

The feathers that were once stuffed in blankets across Europe can soon be found in your puffy down jacket. Portland clothing brand Nau has partnered with a French company that recycles down duvets and upcycles the insulation.

Blankets and duvets may run through a life cycle where the fabric is worn out but the down insulation inside can last for years. The duck and goose feathers from the blankets are cleaned and sorted before being added to the clothing.

2015 Nau jacket to include upcycled feathers

Nau advertises it will be one of the first brands in the U.S. to apply this method. The down will be included in Nau’s fall 2015 line.

Find it in all the company’s 650-fill jackets and vests, where the stuffing from “Europe’s reclaimed down duvets,” as the company puts it, gets a second life that includes outdoor adventure.

Old and new down, can you tell the difference? The jar on the left holds recycled down

If you’re looking for a jacket to satisfy your inner sourcing junkie, Nau’s to-be-released down products might be just the ticket.

Now you can get the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing your jacket’s filling used to be stuffed in a French duvet instead of covering a goose.

The recycled down will be available later this year starting at $260.

Eric Lemke

Eric is a contributing writer based in Bozeman, MT. An avid climber, mountain biker, backpacker, and snowboarder, he earned his degree in journalism from the University of Minnesota - Duluth. When not living the GearJunkie life, he can be found exploring the Montana backcountry.