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How Timberland PRO FLEX Technology Improves Your Workday

Timberland PRO FLEX Technology helps keep you moving comfortably at the jobsite so you can get more out of your workday.
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For tradespeople, every day looks a little different. Some days, you’re fighting the cold. Some days, it’s the heat. Some days, you just need supportive gear to keep moving when the 3 p.m. slump hits.

The wrong gear can quickly sink a workday, there’s no doubt about that. But if you wait for the weather to cooperate, it’s hard to get anything done. The reality is, time on the job often means long hours battling rain, wind, and harsh cold; gear that can handle the elements (while supporting movement) is non-negotiable. 

(Photo/Timberland PRO)

Any Job, Any Condition

Some workwear is comfortable. Some is built to withstand harsh weather. With 50 years of fine-tuning and intimate knowledge of real job site demands, Timberland PRO workwear successfully combines the two. 

Timberland PRO was born from the demands of harsh New England winters, with the original 8-inch Boot that refused to compromise in the durability and protection department.

Fifty years later, Timberland PRO’s dedication to improving your workday still rings true — with workwear and gear that’s as comfortable as it is durable. In this world, safety and performance go hand in hand, and comfortable workwear can check both those boxes. 

A worker wears the Morphix Utility Jogger and Setra Comp Toe Sneaker Boots; (photo/Timberland PRO)

Timberland PRO Is Ready to Move

So, why does Timberland PRO’s workwear line work so darn well? There’s material science to back it up, thanks to thoughtfully engineered technology hiding behind each jacket, set of boots, or pair of pants. Timberland PRO engineers understand the professional demands of your workday, and they build products to meet them. 

At the core of Timberland PRO’s workwear is FLEX technology, which works to deliver comfortable yet protective clothing that breathes well and stretches to the demands of the task. FLEX technology utilizes various blends of nylon and elastane, which provide unrestricted mobility for active days at work.

A great example of FLEX Technology, the Morphix Utility Jogger is a pair of lightweight synthetic pants that blend the comfort of a lazy Sunday with performance for 10 hours outside. A welcome departure from the stiff cotton fabric that most work pants are made of, these joggers won’t restrict mobility, instead working with you to get the job done.

A tradesman leans into the FLEX performance of the Morphix Athletic Pant and Trailwind Fleece Jacket; (photo/Timberland PRO)

While the Utility Joggers aren’t afraid of a little rain, the Morphix Athletic Pant is designed for demanding days where weather isn’t an issue (indoor projects or mild temps), utilizing FLEX technology for easy movement and a comfortable cotton blend for all-day wear.  

For days where you just don’t know what’s coming, the Trailwind Fleece Jacket is a workhorse of a jacket, a midweight fleece with light rain resistance to help keep storms from thwarting your productivity.

Range of motion is no problem thanks to FLEX tech, and the synthetic polyester and recycled REBOTL fabrics are breathable, so you can power through the day without taking it off. 

Stretchy and water-resistant clothing means that when the weather turns, you don’t have to halt your progress. Comfort leads to a safer and more efficient workplace, a win-win for everyone on site. 

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