Under Armour MagZip: Field Test

A rare design leap in the zipper world, the Under Armour MagZip is touted to be a “zipper of the future.” In short, the zipper is different because it magnetically snaps together at the bottom, and it can be initiated and zipped up one-handed.

Pro Skier Garrett Russell (a LINE Skis and The-House.com athlete) was one of the first people to use the zipper in the field. We got in touch with Russell while guiding for SASS Global Travel and filming for The-House.com’s “The Garrett Russell Experience” in South America. He used MagZip on an insulated puffy and other Under Armour outerwear.

GearJunkie: How’s the snow? Sounds like the weather has been hit or miss this season.

Well Gear Junkies… it has been an atypical year down here in Bariloche, but our people are still returning off the mountain with smiles on their faces and classic stories to be shared.

Talk to me about the new MagZip. What was your first impression?

At first I had no idea what was going on as my friend pointed it out to me. I guess it was just that easy to zip up — I didn’t even notice it!

How strong is the magnetic action of the zipper? Does it really snap itself together?

The strength of the magnetic action is pretty sweet and an easier way to get yourself ready. And, yes, it does snap itself together.

Is it really possible to zip it up one-handed?

It is possible to zip it up one-handed but that took me a couple tries and a little practice to get that one down.

The YKK zipper is widely recognized as the industry standard for quality. How does the MagZip compare?

YKK has been the ruler of industry-standard zippers and I will have to say it might take a while to really put this to the test but so far I’d say it’s comparable.

It’s not waterproof, is it?

As for the many rainy days I’ve experienced this season, I haven’t noticed water seeping through or anything in that nature. So if in the least I would say it has been resistant to letting any water sneak through so far.

Final thoughts on the zipper?

This new style made me think of how far out we are from having jackets that will zip up themselves. You just have to snap them together and say “Up!” or something. Who knows, maybe someday. Other than that it’s pretty cool.

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