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A Legacy Wool Flannel: Fjällräven Canada Shirt Review

The Fjällräven Canada Shirt flannel is a workhorse women's flannel made with longevity and sustainability in mind.

woman wearing flannel at pickup truck bedWe tested the Fjällräven Canada Shirt flannel for ladies and walked away impressed; (photo/Constance Mahoney)
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I remember going into my parents’ attic, where my mom stores all the dress-up clothes. There were plenty of old dresses, hats, wool pants, and wool flannels. Most of that apparel had been worn by my parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents over the years.

The wool pants and flannels were too itchy and heavy for playtime. As I got older, though, they were perfect for outdoor adventures. I pulled them on (with a baselayer as a buffer for the scratchiness) for hunting and working on the farm. When it got cold enough, my dad would trade out his jeans for wool pants for the ski hill.

The phrase, “They don’t make them like they used to,” rings true to many things these days. With the popularity of fast fashion, it’s a breath of fresh air when a brand sees the value in making an article that will last a long time. Fjällräven is one of those brands. The Canada Shirt claims to be made for a lifetime of use. I’ve been testing it for almost a year, and you’d never guess I’ve had it for that long.  

In short: The Fjällräven Canada Shirt ($170) is a women’s wool flannel and the ultimate workhorse. The construction is dense for year-round outdoor use, working outdoors, and manual labor. This flannel is made to be durable for many years in the bank.

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Fjällräven Canada Shirt


  • Material 70% recycled wool, 30% polyamide
  • Density Heavyweight
  • Best for Cold days, chilly campfire nights
A Legacy Wool Flannel: Fjällräven Canada Shirt Review


  • Wide size run from XS to XXL
  • Wool helps squelch body odor
  • PFC-free
  • Lifetime repairs


  • Pricier choice
  • The flannel runs long

close-up of flannel snaps
The Fjällräven Canada Shirt snaps are a nice touch; (photo/Constance Mahoney)

Fjällräven Canada Shirt: Women’s Flannel Review

I grew up on a ranch in Montana, and durable work clothes were viewed as a tool. Fashion wasn’t considered. The cows never cared what we looked like, anyway. My siblings and I wore hand-me-downs, and they were usually from at least a generation above us.

Wool jackets, handmade hats and gloves, and heavy wool pants were our winter uniform. Now, as an adult, I’ve come to appreciate things that are made to last. Whether it’s appliances, vehicles, or clothing, there is value in quality-made items. 

After testing the Fjällräven Canada Shirt through all four seasons in the Colorado Rockies, where I still work as a ranch hand and play outside with my family as a hunter, angler, and trail runner, I got the impression that this flannel is an ode to the past. This shirt doesn’t feel flimsy and really seems built to last through years of use.

woman stacking wood in long-sleeve shirt
The Fjällräven Canada Shirt is built to be durable for work days; (photo/Constance Mahoney)

Reinforcements, Weather-Resistance

That said, I was a little hesitant when I first pulled on the Fjällräven Canada Shirt. I have seen many other flannels sold with the tagline “made to last” but that didn’t even last an entire work season. After a season, I realized this construction was more serious.

The Canada Shirt is made from recycled wool and polyester, without any PFCs. The brand also incorporates a densely woven textile on the inside of the collar, chest pocket flaps, cuffs, and snap liner. That fabric, called the G-1000, is 65% polyester, 35% cotton, and treated with Greenland wax.

The G-1000 material is also water-resistant and windproof. This was an impressive touch on a flannel that I hadn’t seen in other shirts.

Benefits, Drawbacks of Wool Flannels

Living in the Colorado Rockies, my family primarily heats our house with a wood stove. Before the snow, the fall is our wood-gathering season. The cooler mornings make for the perfect temperature to fell and remove trees, while the afternoons and evenings are reserved for splitting and stacking.

I wore the Canada flannel during these tasks. The construction, which blends recycled wool and polyester, makes this a technical build that’s up for labor.

However, wearing the shirt took a little to get used to. While the textile is very strong, the fabric isn’t very soft against the skin.

close-up of chest pocket
The Canada shirt has chest pockets with snap closures; (photo/Constance Mahoney)

The face isn’t as itchy as the old-time wool of my childhood, but it isn’t as soft as a cotton flannel. Especially for work days when I’m moving around a lot, I learned that I preferred to pair this flannel with an undershirt. Beneath the flannel, I wore a tank top on warmer days and a long sleeve on colder days. 

All considering, I was impressed by this flannel’s ability to wick moisture from my body. On those wood-gathering days, I was grateful for the wool’s wicking capabilities when I started getting sweaty hauling logs down the road and into the trailer.

And the snaps up the front made it a breeze to vent when the midday sun beat down on me. Wool is also naturally odor-resistant, so I could wear the Canada Shirt from work to after-school pickup and not bring a stink — a fact other parents, I’m sure, appreciated. 

collar on a wool shirt
The collar on the Canada shirt is reinforced; (photo/Constance Mahoney)

Cuffs and Collar

The G-1000-lined cuffs and collar make them a little stiffer, which I didn’t mind for the added protection. I liked that the collar can stand up straight on its own, providing a shield when it’s popped up.

The cuffs also have two snap settings, so you can choose the circumference. With the tighter choice, you can really use the cuff to close off air, dirt, or sawdust. Though fairly wide and reinforced, the cuffs still rolled up nicely when I wanted to cool down.  

snaps on a cuff
The cuffs on the Canada shirt have two snap settings; (photo/Constance Mahoney)

Fjällräven Flannel Fit

This Fjällräven flannel has a relaxed fit and runs a bit longer than traditional flannel shirts. I typically like longer shirts for my manual labor job. I don’t have to worry about bending over and having a draft blow up my back.

As a result, the Canada has a little more fabric, but the shape isn’t sloppy. I’m not worried about the shirt getting caught in any machinery. For work days, I can wear it straight or tucked in. However, outside of work, I’ve also tied the bottom up for a more casual look.

the tail of a wool flannel shirt
The Canada shirt is lengthy; (photo/Constance Mahoney)

Care Instructions: Canada Shirt Wool Flannel

I made sure to wash this flannel just like the tag said. Nothing is worse than washing a beloved shirt only to find that it shrank. I machine-washed this piece on a gentle cycle in cold water and air-dried it every time.

After a full winter season of washing, the shirt still looks great and hasn’t shrunk. Just be sure to wash it in cold water — not warm water — and to air dry it by hanging it up. Wool will shrink in the dryer. 

I’ll be explicit: Do not put this shirt in the dryer!

close-up of hem on wool shirt
The Canada flannel has strongly reinforced hems; (photo/Constance Mahoney)


The Canada shirt is a worthwhile investment but does have a few potential drawbacks. The cut is a little long and boxy, which may not suit everyone’s style. Additionally, the recycled wool, while sustainable, isn’t as cozy and soft as traditional cotton flannels.

Ideally, this shirt could be softer next to the skin — but it wouldn’t be as durable. The discomfort is easily remedied by wearing this flannel as a layering piece with an undershirt. Both the cut and fit of the flannel allow for easy layering, including pulling a jacket on top in the winter.  

For me, these cons are outweighed by the shirt’s durability and the brand’s offer to provide repairs for the product’s lifetime, which ensures a long-lasting investment. 

In Conclusion

Overall, I was impressed with how the Fjällräven Canada Shirt performed while I worked, whether I was driving the tractor or stacking wood.

While the fit isn’t slim or super-articulated, the boxier cut is comfortable and adaptable, and it allows freedom of movement. Due to its wool content, I didn’t like the next-to-skin feel, so I always wore an undershirt. That said, the presence of wool enhanced the durability, temperature regulation, and odor resistance that I need in a good work shirt. 

I was incredibly impressed with the craftsmanship and high-quality construction of this piece.

Beyond my job, I also wore this women’s wool flannel while camping, fly fishing, and out to brunch. This shirt really is an all-in-one wool flannel that I hope my daughter will be able to wear someday — and I think has the potential to live on for generations.

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