Mountaineering Meets Fashion with Mountain Hardwear-Cole Haan Collaboration

‘Proven on the mountain, refined for the city’ is the tag line for Mountain Hardwear and Cole Haan’s collaborative collection.


“Solving problems for focused, fast-moving alpinists is very similar to solving problems for focused, fast-moving urban consumers.” 

Audible laughter.

At least that was my initial reaction to Mountain Hardwear’s global director of design dropping this line to open a promo video for the brand’s just-released ZerøGrand line. But give it a chance.

A collaborative effort with Cole Haan, the partnership might raise a few eyebrows. However, the materials and the outerwear pieces look top notch, with much of the design taken from the current Mountain Hardwear line. We’d wear any of this line for life in the city and beyond.

Fashion & Function

The collection aims to combine Mountain Hardwear performance with Cole Haan’s urban look. It brings a climbing aesthetic (and technical features) to a line of packs, boots, and outerwear marketed at urbanites.

Staying warm on the way to work without looking like you slept in base camp? I can dig it. The line’s promotion is completely grandiose, and I’m enjoying every bit of it.

ZerøGrand pack has ‘urban outdoors’ aesthetic

The ZerøGrand line is stacked with pricey jackets, shoes, boots and bags for women and men that fuse MH’s technical characteristics with a sleek urban look.

Accordingly, the line’s promotional photography features Mountain Hardwear-sponsored climbers Angie Payne and Cheyne Lempe scaling iconic skyscrapers in New York. You know, city stuff. It’s over-the-top. It’s deliberate. And it got my attention.

Team work has never looked so good.
Teamwork has never looked so good
“I can see my cube from here!”
Morning Commute.
Morning Commute

The ZerøGrand collection is available on and in Cole Haan stores, as well as limited availability through Mountain Hardwear direct-to-consumer channels in the U.S.

See page 2 for a look at a few more pieces from the ZerøGrand line.