Drop x Ferrum Forge Gent - Best Folding Knives

Sharp Gifts: 10 Great Knives to Give

Need a gift for the knife knut on your list? Here are some on-point suggestions of knives we’ve personally used and would recommend as gifts. They are all available now at a decent price.

Whether you’re a hardcore gear geek, a hunter, a thru-hiker, or a handyman, everyone needs a great blade. Here are the best knife gifts for the different people in your life.

For the Fidget Fiend: Drop x Ferrum Forge Drop Gent, $80-100

Massdrop x Ferrum Forge Gent - Best Folding Knives

If the person you’re buying for has a fidget spinner or clicks a pen while talking on the phone, the Gent is the perfect blade for them. Designed by Ferrum Forge, made by WE Knives, and sold through Drop (formerly Massdrop), the Gent flips as smooth and fast as a modern steel rollercoaster. Thanks to a race of bearings in the pivot and a superbly designed flipper tab, the Gent opens and closes with an addictive quality.

But it’s not just a fidget toy. The Gent is one of the best knives on the market today, sporting S35VN blade steel and excellent lines. It costs $80 in its basic configuration and $100 in its fancy version.

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For the Suit-Wearing Gentleman: Chris Reeve Mnandi, $400

Chris Reeve Mnandi knife

The Sebenza is a modern classic, but its classier brother, the Mnandi, is a real showstopper.

With beautifully selected wood inlays, a marvelously sculpted titanium clip, and fit and finish that compare well to Rolex, the Mnandi is the perfect knife to drop in a pair of slacks or carry in a suit breast pocket. It’s a jewel of a blade and has a price to match.

Note: Check availability and shipping. These are tough to acquire!

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For Everyone: Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener, $35

Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener - Best Knives 2018

A knife is only as good as the blade you keep, so make sure it’s always sharp with this Guided Field Sharpener.

Purpose-built for hunting knives, pocket knives, filet knives, and camp tools, this sharpener is a welcome gift for all manner of outdoor adventurers. With five stages of sharpening packed into a portable package, this will soon become the knife-lover’s favorite accessory.

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For the Ultralight Backpacker: Spyderco Dragonfly 2, $88 (35% Off)

Spyderco Knife - Best Knife Gifts

Ounce-counters will love this knife. It clocks in at 1.2 ounces, has a wonderfully small form factor, and hardly ever needs sharpening. The ultra-high-carbon (though still stainless) ZDP-189 is 10-percent harder than most steel on the market and, as a result, almost never needs to be sharpened.

If the person on your list can’t pack toothbrush handles, sharpening stones are out also of the question. And the Dragonfly 2 is the perfect ultralight knife.

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For the Minimalist: ESEE Candiru, $51 (45% Off)

Eese Candiru Knife - Best Gift Knives

The ESEE Candiru fixed blade is small and thin enough to be carried in a pocket. With the excellent Rowen-treated 1095 and a sheath or pouch, the Candiru will never close on your fingers, no matter how much you thumps on it.

This is ironic given that the knife is named for one of the most painful-to-humans fish ever.

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For the Bling King: Reate Baby Machine, $320

Reate Baby Machine Knife - Best Gift Knives

If you’re buying for someone that insists on as much chrome as possible on their car, looks with envy upon Super Bowl rings, and prefers to wear gold Rolexes, the Reate Baby Machine is the perfect knife.

With lots of complex machining, multiple anodization colors, and a flashy deployment method, the Baby Machine is a superb eye-catcher.

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For the Jack- or Jill-of-All-Trades: Swiss Army Huntsman Knife, $36

Swiss Army Huntsman Knife

If the person you’re shopping for does a bit of everything, this is the knife for them. No knife provides more function in a light, easy-to-pocket form. It’s sleek, useful, and time-tested.

At 2.5 inches, the main blade is just the right size to for myiad tasks. But of course the saw, scissors, corkscrew, and other tools will step in for the jobs the knife can’t accomplish.

It carries a remarkable 4.9-star rating at REI, so you can rest assured that your loved one will adore it.

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For the Chef: Spyderco Spydiechef, $218 (14% Off)

Spyderco Spydiechef Knife - Best Knives 2018

If you want to give someone state-of-the-art cultery steel, LC 200N is the absolute best of the best. It’s hard, tough, and corrosion-resistant. This might be the first steel that makes no real compromise in terms of performance.

And the best design with this steel is the Spydiechef. With a titanium framelock and LC 200N, the knife is essentially waterproof. Originally intended as a folding kitchen knife, the Spydiechef is a great all-around blade.

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For Your Dad, Mom, or Uncle: Buck 110 Folding Knife, $45 (35% Off)

Buck Knives 110

The original Buck 110 is among the most famous and influential folders of all time. It rocks very well, has Buck-hardened 440HC steel, and features an iconic clip-point blade. It’s a bit of a beast, weighing almost half a pound in its traditional configuration.

So no, it’s not for ultralight hikers or those who want the latest tech. But for those who love tradition in a proven, wonderfully reliable tool, this is a win. And it will still be just as cool when handed down to the next generation in 50 years as it is today.

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For the Old-Timer: Benchmade Proper, $118

Benchmade Proper Knife - Best Gift Knives 2018

If your grandpa’s knife is looking a little worse for wear, it might be time to get him a new one. The Proper is an excellent choice, as it has the shape and function he will be familiar with, but with high-tech precision and exceptionally well-rounded S30V blade steel.

It still has a nail knick and lacks a lock, but the old-time charm merges well with modern touches.

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Knives make great gifts. Hopefully, these suggestions will get you out of a pinch. And if you want to be the recipient of one of these blades, I highly recommend you send a not-so-subtle hint. Simply cut the link to this article, paste it in an email or text, and send it to your significant other.

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