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10 Amazing Hand-Built Bikes From the 2023 ENVE Grodeo

Every year, ENVE holds a Grodeo weekend at its headquarters in Ogden, Utah. The celebration includes gravel rides and social events, but one of the highlights is the Builder Round-Up open house. This is where the true bicycle artisans and master fabricators showcase their best work.

2023 ENVE Grodeo(Photo/ENVE Composites)
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Maximize that browser, grab your favorite beverage, and feast on this eye candy. These images will fuel your love for the machines that mix technology, art, and skill to stir the feels as only a bicycle can do.

Breadwinner A–Road

Breadwinner A–Road, Hand built bike from ENVE Grodeo
(Photo/ENVE Composites)

This handmade steel frame and fork are graced with SRAM and Chris King components and an ENVE cockpit with lines and paint that are to die for. Breadwinner aims this custom one-off as an everyday ride, capable of taming smooth tarmac, rough chip seal, or rowdy gravel while planting a permanent grin on the lucky owner.

Viral Optimist 160

Viral Optimist 160, Hand built bike from ENVE Grodeo
(Photo/ENVE Composites)

This one is for the tech heads out there. Viral, in Bend, Ore., combines printed 6/4 titanium lugs, carbon tubes, a flex-pivot rear suspension design, and the latest electronically shifting gearbox from Pinion to produce an all-mountain/enduro machine like no other. A 170mm ZEB Flight Attendant graces the front, while a digitally connected RockShox Super Deluxe Flight Attendant controls 160 mm of travel in the rear.

Sanitas Cycles Node Gravel

Sanitas Cycles Node Gravel,m hand built bike from ENVE Grodeo
(Photo/ENVE Composites)

Every titanium component on this visually stunning gravel rig is milled in the United States, right down to the braze-ons. The unique wraparound seat stays and gold, blue, and purple anodization forming clouds, mountains, and cacti in negative space add mystique to this handbuilt wonder.

Bordure Panache Road

Bordure Panache Road, hand built bike from ENVE Grodeo
(Photo/ENVE Composites)

This crisp and clean titanium road bike hails from Epernay, France, and features a printed head tube, dropout, seat junction, and an eye-catching fully custom crankset. Every angle and dimension is custom, including the Q-factor of the crankset.

Horse All Road

Horse All Road, hand built bike from ENVE Grodeo
(Photo/ENVE Composites)

If this titanium bike seems to have the classic lines and the look of old-school steel bikes, that’s because Horse builds them that way on purpose. The New York-based shop maintains tube diameters and geometry of its steel frames, but leverages the characteristics of titanium and adds this gorgeous paint to produce a work of art you can ride.

Quirk Cycles Durmitor

Quirk Cycles Durmitor, Hand built Bike from ENVE Grodeo
(Photo/ENVE Composites)

This stainless steel road bike from London possesses beauty beyond skin deep. The Columbus XCr tubes conjoin with 3D-printed stainless steel dropouts, seat cluster, and head tube. The raw translucent finish highlights the “steel is real” vibe of this rolling work of art.

English Cycles Custom

English Cycles Custom, hand built bike from ENVE Grodeo
(Photo/ENVE Composites)

This minimalist-looking steel road bike from Eugene, Ore., stands out due to the fillet-brazed construction, filling the souls of cycling devotees that have been in the game for decades. The carbon fiber head tube insert and dropped seat stays give a nod to modern cycling, but road cycling’s glorious past still shines through.

FiftyOne and Signature Cycles Custom Gravel

FiftyOne Custom Gravel hand built bike from ENVE Grodeo
(Photo/ENVE Composites)

This 100% custom carbon gravel rig from the fit experts at FiftyOne in Dublin, Ireland, promises ideal biomechanics for its lucky customers. Carbon tube-to-tube construction borrowed from the road lineup and a striking “DNA” finish from Signature Cycles produce a one-of-a-kind gravel biking masterpiece.

Chumba Sendero

Chumba Sendero hand built bike from ENVE Grodeo
(Photo/ENVE Composites)

A rarity these days, this steel, rigid mountain bike hails from Austin, Texas, and is designed to be a playful all-day dirt whip. The frame can accept a suspension fork up to 130mm in travel and single-speed or 1x drivetrains, as well as SRAM Transmission options, via modular PNW sliding dropout inserts. A Cerakote finish rounds out this tough steed.

ENVE Composites Custom Road

ENVE Composites Custom Road nad built bicycle from the 2023 Grodeo
(Photo/ENVE Composites)

Since ENVE Composites hosted the 2023 Grodeo weekend, it only feels right to include its wondrous Custom Road on this esteemed list. Custom Road is as it sounds; ENVE can manipulate every aspect of the geometry to optimize the ride for each customer. This beautiful example is owned by an ENVE employee that has an aerospace degree, making the outer space custom paint scheme amazingly apropos.

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