MTBer Eats ‘The Whole Enchilada’ — the Wrong Way

‘The Whole Enchilada’ will work you, guaranteed. And that’s if you ride down the thing.

Riding 8,600 feet of elevation gain over 34 miles of boulder fields, raw dirt, and big drops will take its toll. For many mountain bikers who ride Moab, Utah’s iconic The Whole Enchilada, precious little except gravity pulls them along the trail.

The MTB world categorically reveres the classic descent as exactly that — a descent. One rider decided to flip the script.

According to Canyon, nobody had ever tried to ride the trail backwards until Braydon Bringhurst. Watch him crank, climb, claw, clamber, and do whatever else he has to do to get up it in the film “8600 FT.”

Currently, the film’s site lists four October screenings in the American West. All proceeds from ticket sales will support local trail organizations in that region, per Canyon — because masterpieces like The Whole Enchilada don’t just happen on their own.

Runtime (trailer): 2.5 minutes

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