How Does Top MTB Tech Perform on Actual Downhills? Watch Here

Anybody can make a fancy, slick-looking bike component. But how do all the parts and pieces perform in the real world? Watch to find out.

If you appreciate the zen nature of bikes, this is for you. Extra points if you’re a bike mechanic who really wants to watch how components actually do in the field.

Vital MTB’s new video from the Andorra World Cup Downhill is blessedly free of synth music, talking heads, or flashy edits. Instead, it’s 11 minutes and 36 seconds of glorious, slow-motion downhill footage, with every bump, jump, and puff of dust captured in razor-sharp 4K resolution.

The footage presents an excellent opportunity to study how different components operate under the stresses of downhill riding. But it’s also just a good way to bliss out for a few minutes this afternoon. And the slowed-down sounds of tires skidding and spectators whistling are strangely hypnotic.

Runtime: 12 minutes

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