Triple-Fat-Tire Trike Is Beast Made For Sand And Snow

What may be the frontrunner for the heaviest, weirdest, and slowest fat bike on the market, we introduce the Juggernaut.

This mutant creation is the newest trike from the California-based brand, Rungu. Called a Bullfrog Trike, this thing has a single wheel in the rear and two wheels up front. A special steering system on the bars allows the wheels to pivot together.

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While this Bullfrog looks like it was born too close to a nuclear reactor, the brand claims the design offers the rider more stability at slower speeds than other two-wheeled fatties.

“The shoulder-width distance between the two front wheels lets you bank into turns like a bicycle but with adequate stability to let you stop without having to take your feet off the pedals,” notes the brand.

The unique Rungu stem clamps onto the handlebar and provides the steering linkage

With three 26 × 4.7-inch tires, the Juggernaut has over 12-inches of rubber on the ground at anytime. This means that it would be next to impossible to knock over.

It also comes with the necessary mounts to convert to an e-bike or attach an overhead rack.

At 55.8 pounds, it’s insanely heavy, yet the brand claims that “the 26-inch front wheels with over 29-inches in projected diameter overcome obstacles up to 6” tall at crawl speed.”

The Juggernaut is available online now for $2,600. While we’ve yet to ride this monster, judging from the wide front wheels, and funky bar setup, it likely wouldn’t be good for much other than riding in a straight line.

—Amy Oberbroeckling is an assistant editor at

More images and specs on page 2…

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