Can You Break Carbon Wheels? Watch This Test Crew Try

In this video, a pro cycling test crew puts Winspace’s carbon HYPER wheels through the wringer. They’re light, they’re aero — but are they strong?

You might know Winspace as a specialist in the high-end bike arena. From frames to major components, Winspace wheels and deals in carbon fiber.

The brand recently moved into gravel cycling. And while frames are one thing, building hyperlight carbon wheels that can also withstand the brute forces of gravel racing and offroad bikepacking is something else entirely.

As the video’s host explains, “Carbon wheels, for most cyclists, represent the dream upgrade.” They can be lighter and more aerodynamic than alloy competitors. “But,” he notes, “they are a big investment, and they look quite delicate.”

In this video, the Global Cycling Network’s test crew puts Winspace’s carbon HYPER wheels through a hellacious test. While you might find the explanations between each test run a little drawn out, our in-house cycling expert notes that it’s all worth paying attention to.

From stoke-reviving stunts like riding down a 556-step “staircase of death” and smashing head-on into a “curb of doom” at 25 mph to discussions about performance and geometry, this educational vid covers a lot in short order.

Runtime: 15 minutes

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Jilli Cluff

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