Helmet For ‘Slow-Bike Movement’

Self proclaimed supporters of the “slow-bike movement,” Dappercap is apparently about looking good while not breaking a sweat. And judging from photos, even Lady Mary Crawley couldn’t make this derby-inspired lid look any more prim.

The helmet startup does have an interesting story behind the proper image as they attempt to bring their high end hand-crafted, carbon fiber bicycle helmets to market.

The London-based company prides itself in sourcing and constructing the helmet almost entirely within the United Kingdom, an anomaly in carbon fiber… er, fibre? manufacturing.

Four colors are slated to come to market with the first run, including orange, blue, tan, and a properly underwhelming grey.

The Downton-esque brim will come in three sizes, small, medium and large, and set you back a ghastly $235, so you’ll have an extra incentive to stay upright and scratch free. But of course, it’s not fashionable to fall.

Dappercap is currently fund-raising on Kickstarter. Check them out if you’re interested in looking good at a medium pace.

Keep calm and pedal on.