Add-On: Tiny Electric-Bike Motor Attaches To Frame

A motor, a battery, and an app… that’s all there is to a product that is advertised as able to turn any bike into an electric ride.

Add-E electric bike motor

Weighing about 4.5 pounds, the Add-E product is an electric motor with a drive wheel. It helps spin a bike tire through direct friction contact on the rubber.

Look close at the image above; the unit under the chainring offers a spinning cylinder than increases speed by aiding in moving the bike tire around. It is fueled by a battery mounted in the water bottle cage.

add-e 1

The company is fund raising for two versions of the product, one set to a max speed of about 15mph, another 30mph.

Add-E is an auxiliary drive, meaning it switches itself off automatically as soon as you stop pedaling. The gizmo has a maximum range of less than 30 miles, but the company doesn’t get very specific due to the variability in terrain and pedal power contributed by the rider.

add-e motor

You select the amount of power contributed by the motor — up to a full 600 watts.

It comes with a significant price tag of nearly $1,000.


Is Add-E an idea whose time has come? For those who need an e-bike for occasional use (but a normal bike most of the time) the removable motor and battery could be a good solution.

It allows the same bike to be used on the assisted work commute and a weekend ride where you don’t want the e-boost.

add on ebike motor

The idea has been well supported so far, raising nearly $100,000 in just three days.

–Learn more at the company’s Indiegogo page.

Sean McCoy

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