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‘Magic Compass’ Is Crazy Simple Navigation For Urban Cyclists

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[leadin]You know how to navigate by phone, map, and GPS. But when you’re biking, those tools take away from attention to cycling.[/leadin]

haize magic compass bike

A new product launching on Kickstarter simply points the direction to your destination, letting you hone in on your target by the route of your choosing.

The Haize device works with the GPS in your phone. It is a small, round display that mounts on your handlebars.

haize bike navigator

It simply points the direction to your final destination with an LED ring. It displays your distance from the destination with a green dot in the center.

If you’ve used a GPS watch like the Garmin Tactix for navigation, you know the drill; follow the arrow as the distance gets smaller.

In a city, this can be really fun and allows the rider to choose unorthodox routes or even go off-road while never losing sight of the ultimate direction and distance he or she needs to travel.

If you need turn-by-turn navigation, the device can do that, too, all through the bluetooth connection with your phone.

It mounts on handlebars with a thick rubber band for easy removal when parked.

Haize bike navigation

This thing looks fun for exploring new cities or finding new adventure in your home town. It’s not super cheap, but at $100, it could provide a lot of entertainment for adventurous cyclists anywhere.

Learn more at the brand’s Kickstarter page now.

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