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Infento: The ‘Erector Set’ Your Child Can Ride

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[leadin]You remember Erector Sets from your childhood, right?[/leadin]

infento 2

The creative childhood toys let you construct your own structures, or even simple machines. But imagine if there was a product that let you build your own toys!

Well, now there is. Infento is the world’s first “constructible” ride for children.

infento 1

The life-sized kits sold by Infento allow a parent and child to build vehicles that kids can ride. Kits build up into sweet toys like scooters, recumbent bicycles and dollies.

infento 3

Add-on skis even make them compatible for snow; you can make your own sit-up sled!

I’m no spring chicken, but remember childhood well enough to know I would have been super stoked by this product. Shoot, if they made an adult version, I’d be ready to test it out right now.

Infento offers three kits now for three age groups: Junior (0-5), Creator (0-10), and Master Creator (0-13). The more advanced kits, obviously, can expand more to accommodate larger children.

infento teen

Prices on Kickstarter range from $300 for the Junior kit to $650 for the Master Creator kit including snow skis. While that’s a chunk of change, if it is of good quality (we haven’t seen in person) and provides years of learning and entertainment for a growing child, this seems like it will be a very popular product.

Infento toddler

It’s raised $100,000 in just a few days.

There is a lot of variety among the possible built-up toys, from little carts for toddlers to three-wheeled bikes, all running off a belt-drive drivetrain.

infento belt drive

The entire range of rides in the kit can all be constructed with a single hex tool, making for what seems to be an easy-to-assemble toy that older kids will be able to help construct.

infento disc brakes

It comes with instructions that the company claims “even kids can understand.”

These things looks sweet and should satiate the appetite for speed, freedom and creativity so many children experience. If we were kids, we’d want one. Shoot, we want one as an adult, but maybe with ultralight tubing, a Gates Carbon Drive and, hmmm, a powerful electric engine?

Just spitballing here. Infento, are you listening?

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