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E-Bike Showcase: Electrifying Tech from 2018 Interbike

Bosch eBike eMTB
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This year’s bike industry trade show offered a greater focus on e-bikes. New battery tech, control systems, and integration into a range of different bike styles marked an e-bike coming of age at Interbike.

Interbike is shrinking. Each year, fewer brands make the trek to ink deals and introduce new gear. Most of the really big players in the cycling industry have focused on other trade shows, like Eurobike, and host smaller in-house retailer summits to attract new business and service current accounts. The one big exception to this trend, however, has been the emergence of the e-bike industry. All the top players, as well as many of the little guys, were at this year’s show in Reno.

Across the board, technology has grown rapidly as e-bikes themselves continue to gain mainstream acceptance. E-bikes have been big in Europe for many years, but Americans have been slow to accept the technology. Integration of electric assist into all types of bicycles is getting more refined each year.

Moto Parilla Carbon Club

On top of motors and batteries, we’re also seeing a ton of functional and aesthetic improvements in the onboard controllers. The latest trend is for the controllers to also communicate with a host of apps, training sensors, and the like.

E-Bike Competitors at Interbike 2018

Bosch Kiox

Bosch eBike Systems continues to be a leader in supplying innovative top-tier e-bike components to bicycle manufacturers across the globe. Starting later this year, you’ll find the magnetic-mounted, quick-release, full-color, Gorilla Glass, Bluetooth-enabled Bosch Kiox e-bike control unit on a wide range of e-bikes.

The high-resolution, 1.9-inch screen is designed to be easily readable in both darkness and full sunlight while displaying speed, personal performance, cadence, battery charge, and more. And an available Bluetooth heart rate monitor helps you integrate your training into the e-bike’s onboard systems.

There isn’t another e-bike control unit out there that brings the sleek look, durability, color, and Bluetooth integration you’d expect in the latest iPhone.

MSRP dependent on e-bike integration
Availability: Late 2018

Haibike Flyon E-Bike System

The all-new Flyon system from Haibike integrates the latest technology into a holistically better e-bike. Things like 18 wheel-speed sensors instead of one, internal cable routing, built-in lighting, integrated hi-res color remote display, in-tube 630Wh battery, powerful motor with 120 Nm of torque, and so much more make this system impressive.

In 2019, Haibike will offer enduro, trail, all-mountain, and adventure e-bikes built off the Flyon system. If they live up to half the hype, they should be pretty impressive bicycles!

MSRP dependent on e-bike integration
Availability: Spring 2019

Moto Parilla Carbon Club

Cross an Italian racing motorcycle, fat-tire mountain bike, and e-bike, and you get the one-of-a-kind Moto Parilla. After splitting off from the British car company Caterham, this is Moto Parilla’s second year as a standalone company. And it has gone through a lot of changes, the largest probably being the switch from Asian to Italian production.

While Moto Parilla offers a range of e-bikes, the Carbon Club is its main U.S. offering. It is a class 1, 20-mph max, pedal-assist e-bike. It features a hub motor, massive 4.8-inch-wide tires, and 380mm disk brakes. While the carbon and aluminum build is a work of art, it isn’t light at over 80 pounds.

The brand has not yet advertised a price for this bike
Availability: Now

Riese & Müller Multicharger

The Riese & Müller Multicharger e-bike isn’t exactly sure where it belongs on the e-bike spectrum, but everyday utility and versatility are for sure its strengths. The Multicharger is a cargo-optimized e-bike with upright, comfortable ergonomics and all-terrain capability.

Whether touring, running errands around town, or hammering the daily commute, the Multicharger is a perfect fit. If you’re looking for a bike that can do a lot, this e-bike looks up to the challenge.

MSRP: $4,989-6,009
Availability: Fall 2018

Yuba Electric Supermarche

The just-released Yuba Electric Supermarche is a unique gear-hauling urban adventure e-bike. Yuba hopes that the Supermarche can “replace a second car and be the truck/SUV of the bike path!”

From kegs to kids, this 8½-foot-long machine is ready to carry up to 300 pounds for 55 miles of electric-assisted range.

The cable-actuated steering offers an impressive turning radius. And hydraulic brakes ensure that you can stop in a hurry, which is especially important when loaded down with gear.

Plus, the Supermarche can be fully configured for the task at hand. Need to carry three kids? No worries with the rear seat and front bench seat accessories. Need to carry a ton of groceries? Yuba has you covered with the Bamboo Box accessory.

MSRP: $5,999
Availability: September 2018

Tern Vektron

2019 Tern Vektron folded

Tern has made impressive folding utility bikes for years, and the Vektron e-bike has been in the line for a while. The 2019 Tern Vektron sees some serious updates and a reduction in price.

Improved Bosch powertrains are quieter, smaller, lighter, and more efficient. The updated frame offers a bit more room for taller riders and now stands up vertically when folded, making it even easier to roll around.

2019 Tern Vektron

A new rear utility rack is low and wide, which makes hauling kids or gear that much more stable and safe. Van Lifers might just find this their ultimate bicycle.

MSRP: $2,995-3,595
Availability: Early 2019

Raleigh Lore DS iE

The Lore iE has been in Raleigh’s all-terrain city bike lineup for a few years now. For 2019, the brand gives full suspension to this rugged commuter/touring/utility bike. A Bosch powertrain, 27.5-inch wheels, plus-size tires, and an assisted top speed of 28 mph might make the Lore DS iE one of the most fun commuters out there.

MSRP: $4,600
Availability: Late 2018

Cannondale Synapse NEO & NEO SE

The Synapse NEO is the first in a new line of road-oriented e-bikes from Cannondale. It’s designed primarily for endurance endeavors, like its nonelectric sibling, but is also perfect as a fun and fast commuter. The Synapse NEO has a 20-mph motor assist and is classified as a class 1 e-bike.

The SE version of the Synapse NEO is a burlier version of the same bike that runs on wider tires. Both versions impressively integrate the e-bike components into a proven beautiful road bike frame.

MSRP: $4,200 (SE)
Availability: 2019

Bianchi Aria e-Road

The Bianchi Aria e-Road is an e-bike specifically designed to meet the demands of the high-end road cyclist. A key feature is zero motor drag to the drivetrain, which allows for an authentic road cycling feel.

Bianchi’s IPD, Inner Power Drive, perfectly integrates a powerful electric assist into the high-performance aero carbon road bike frame. The e-bike systems add around 7.5 pounds to the bike.

Bianchi Aria features

To top off this impressive road machine, Bianchi has created a robust mobile app that connects to the bike, allowing you to monitor and control the e-bike settings as well as your riding performance.

MSRP: $6,800
Availability: September 2018

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