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‘iPhone-powered’ bike computer runs Cycling Apps with wireless link

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Advertised to be the first “iPhone-powered” bike computer, the RFLKT product from Wahoo Fitness acts as an interface for iOS cycling apps.

To clarify, the RFLKT (pronounced “reflect”) is not a cycling computer on its own. It is essentially a weather- and shock-proof screen that displays whatever cycling app you have running on your iPhone.

Put that iPhone away. RFLKT (on left) displays phone screen data

It mounts to a stem or handlebar. Information is shared via Bluetooth. You can switch your iPhone screen to off, saving power while riding. Toss your phone in a jersey pocket and go.

We got a RFLKT in the office this week to try. My initial thought is that it’s lightweight (2 ounces), sleek (measures 2.4 × 1.6 × 0.5 inches), and easy to use. We hooked it up to a bike and connected to an iPhone. The display information immediately came up on the RFLKT.

It doesn’t work with all apps. And the little display isn’t a replicate of your iPhone screen. Instead, you need to download the WahooFitness App or one of the several other common cycling apps that are compatible with the display. (The brand says more than 110 training apps are compatible.)

The RFLKT display

Popular app Strava is not yet supported. The brand says it’s coming soon. But as a potential consolation, you can run iTunes from the display to control music.

Buttons on the RFLKT control app settings, change data screens, start and stop the timer, track millage, and more. The RFLKT displays distance, speed, RPM, and BPM in squares, along with workout time.

Sure, mounting an iPhone to your handlebars will give the same effect. But having the phone out in the open and exposed to elements always makes me nervous.

Weighs 2 ounces, fits easily on the stem

I need to test the RFLKT more while on a few rides. But my first impression was a good one — the little display was easy to setup and seems to do just what it’s marketed to do.

The RFLKT retails for $130 and is shipping now. If you’re a cyclist who normally rides with an iPhone running cycling apps this new device is worth a look.

—Amy Oberbroeckling is an assistant editor.

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