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Cyclists who don’t live in big cities like New York, Los Angeles and Boston often can get by with less lock than their big-city brethren. A new option for these pedalers who only need medium security is the Kryptonite Modulus 1010S, a lock with two independent 3.5-foot cables that debuted at last fall’s Interbike trade show. I got one at that time and have been using it ever since in my non-big-city town of Mammoth Lakes, Calif.

The Kryptonite Modulus, $36, is unlike any lock I’ve used before. Each cable acts as a noose: Just thread the cable through the closed loop and around your wheels and/or frame and then around a fixed object and feed the cable plug-like tip (similar to the ends of the “U” on a U-lock) into the base. You’re locked! Use the other noose to increase security, lock another wheel up, or even add another bike to the secured mix.

Kryptonite Modulus 1010S Bike Lock

After about five months of use, the lock has performed flawlessly. I have used it around Mammoth Lakes, Calif., where I live — and where bike theft is not a big concern (knock on titanium). I never worry about my bikes with this lock. Although I wouldn’t use it in a big city on an expensive rig, I would go for it on a less expensive bike even in a metro area. The Modulus 1010S offers plenty of deterrent.

A final note: Last weekend, I discovered a great off-label use. It does double duty as a snowboard/ski lock. Much beefier than the vast majority of anemic ski locks, I wasn’t worried to leave a few brand new boards I’m demo-ing for next year locked to a ski lodge while I went inside. So if you’re looking for a lock that does a little of everything, is fairly light and packable, definitely check out the Modulus.

(Note: The lock is not currently on Kryptonite’s web site. Retailers like REI sell the 1010S for $36 or less. REI link here.)

—Stephen Krcmar has had bikes stolen in Boston, Los Angeles and Black Rock City. His semi-regular alleycat, Thus Climbed Zarathustra, is this weekend in Los Angeles.

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