Lamborghini, Cervélo Unveil $20,000 ‘Super Bike’

The speed-minded auto and bicycle brands will make just 25 of the specially designed P5X, touted as ‘the fastest and most technologically advanced triathlon bike of all time.’

Hardcore cyclists and die-hard auto fans differ on a lot – traffic laws, for example. But this month, the two groups drooled together over an eye-popping collaboration between two famed brands.

The P5X Lamborghini Edition triathlon bike greeted the world at this month’s Geneva Motor Show. Carrying Cervélo’s engineering and Lamborghini’s styling, the P5X has looks and performance to make both two- and four-wheel enthusiasts happy.

Lamborghini x Cervélo P5X Lamborghini Edition Bike

Initially born in Cervelo’s CAD programs more than a year ago, the P5X grabbed headlines only among cycle aficionados. But after the bike won acclaim as the fastest tri bike in the world and among the most expensive, the speed demon found its way to Italy.

There, designers within Lamborghini’s Centro Stile added flare to the all-black carbon super bike. The same lab responsible for Lambo’s Huracán and Aventador gave the P5X splashes of the brand’s iconic hot-yellow paint scheme.

“Our triathletes lead the charge when it comes to racing, and now, with this stunning bike, they can stand out from the crowd even more emphatically,” said Robert de Jonge, Cervélo’s managing director.

The $20,000 pedal-powered machine sports the same Y-pattern that accents as Lamborghini’s luxury auto offerings. There’s also a custom decal on the head tube denoting the collaboration with Cervélo.

And if the flashy colors and branding don’t give away this extremely limited-edition build, then its unique number will. With only 25 in existence, owners will have a very short serial number to call their own.

And if $20,000 for an ultralight racing bike with some yellow paint sounds a little steep, rest easy. The P5X Lamborghini Edition comes with a free carrying case.

Adam Ruggiero

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