Professional Mountain Biker Dad: The Life of Thomas Vanderham

How does this MTB athlete find the perfect balance between sport and family? Watch this film to find out.

Mountain biker Thomas Vanderham is blessed to have his priorities straight: He has an awesome profession and gets to spend time with his family. “A lot of people think of extreme athletes as being a little wild and a little crazy, and Thomas was never that,” said his father, Paul Vanderham.

But having both means he has to be efficient on and off the trail. It means 6 a.m. rides and 6 p.m. rides, early-morning family breakfasts, erratic travel, and sometimes no sleep. Vanderham has placed in the top 10 at every Red Bull Rampage ever held (even the year his daughter was born). So it’s safe to say he’s committed to the craft.

This short film (created with Shimano) has lots of gorgeous footage: forested trails, iconic city backdrops, and sick rider close-ups.

The professional biker, originally from Edmonton, Alberta, lives and rides in Deep Cove, British Columbia. Why? It’s the place he calls home.

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