Prepare Yourself for the Hardest ‘Skinny’ on the North Shore

Not everyone likes skinnies. But if you’re riding the North Shore in British Columbia, Canada, you’d better.

Skinny track mountain biking can be a pain. The challenge is self-evident on a pump track with about a tire’s width of room for error.

GearJunkie’s resident mountain bike expert on the subject says it’s “slow, frustrating, and breaks shit.”

Whether you’re into riding skinnies or not, it makes for solid entertainment. It’s just as fun to watch a human tip over on a bike at zero miles per hour as watching rooster tails spray in slow-mo. (Maybe a fair amount more fun, actually.)

Per the boys at Mahalo My Dude, the hardest skinny at the North Shore is Pangor at Mount Seymour. Watch them walk the so-called line.

Runtime: 20 minutes

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