Rooted Vermont: The Gravel Clinic for Femme Leaders

Turns out, building a community and improving your gravel game require the same main ingredient: work.

When Rooted Vermont co-founder Kristin Motley helped start the now-popular gravel summit in the late 2010s, the goal, as she describes it in this dense edit, was to “achieve 50% women on the start line” of the accompanying race.

Fast forward to now, and the group is doing a lot more than that. Fulfilling its initial dream to empower women cyclists at the event quickly led to a much broader scope.

“We had no idea of the power of a women’s clinic weekend,” fellow co-founder Laura King says. “Whether it would be the community that grew throughout the country or the impact it would have beyond our little town.”

Catch up with all the stoke at Rooted Vermont in this clip.

Runtime: 6.5 minutes

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