Surly Cross-Check, now in Single-Speed

I’m a fairly well-traveled man, having set foot on several different continents and crossed dozens of borders. You know what I’ve seen a lot of? Surly Cross-Checks, that ole’ utilitarian standard that is neither fast nor fancy, but sells like the dickens from here to everywhere I’ve ever been.

I’ve spied them with road tires, CX tires, flat bars, drop bars, mustache bars, even aero bars. I’ve found them with handlebar bags, panniers, frame bags, fenders and racks. If you can only afford one decent bike, it’s very often on the short-list of bikes to consider.

Single-speed Cross-Check

For years the Cross-Check has been offered in a normal cyclocross build-up, or as frame-only option. But just this month, the company announced on its blog that it will offer the bike in a single speed, flat bar configuration.

Yeah, anyone with a decent set of bike tools and some time could build his or her own, but it’s easier said than done and often gets expensive if you aren’t qualified yourself.

The fully assembled bike will run for $1,000. Frame is identical to the standard, but lacks shifters, derailleurs and the like. It will ship with aforementioned flat bars, a single front chainring and rear freewheel. You might also note the chubbier 42mm tires – a full 10mm larger than the standard CC tires.

Get tired of running one speed, or move to a mountain town? Get yourself some gears and shifters and roll with some gearing options.

Standard Cross-Check

Judging by the build, this bike looks like it might be the ideal type of scoot for around town, commuting (in flat areas) and general two-wheeled tomfoolery. And I promise you it’ll look just as good leaning on a wall in Europe — or Japan or Chile or South Africa — as it will leaning against your own.

T.C. Worley