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New Bike Security: Folding ‘Altor’ Titanium Lock

Two 560g locks combined
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[leadin]Weighing just over a pound, this low-profile titanium bike lock boasts better security, but with a hefty price tag included.[/leadin]


Startup brand Altor stakes a claim of the “lightest high-security bike lock on the market” with its 560g model. Yes, the lock name is the same as its weight, 560 grams.

We’ve tested other titanium locks that weigh less than a pound. This one uses a foldable design and cut-resistant tubing for a new take.

560g linked double
Altor units chained together to create a massive folding titanium tube lock

The lock folds down and is sold with a strap to let you carry it on your belt or bag.

As far as security, the brand’s video shows attempts to break the lock with bolt cutters, a hacksaw, a crowbar, hammer and chisel, and freezing it with compressed air.

560g bike lock
Folds up small for transport

Though the shiny anodized finish was ruined in the attacks, the titanium – and more importantly the lock – held up.

Push-Button, Rivets

The only potential weak points are the joints themselves, which Altor combats with “stainless steel, marine-grade rivets” – at least enough to dissuade would-be thieves from spending too much time trying to steal your ride.

560g tianium lock button
Push in to engage lock

Beyond the new form factor, two of the lock’s ancillary features make it stand out, including a push-button mechanism for quick lock-ups. Also, the design lets you chain multiple Altor locks together for greater reach.

The 560g has three joints to offer enough clearance to secure the seat tube and rear wheel to a parking meter. Two of the locks combined can reach around both wheels and more.

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We like the looks of this unit, but perhaps the 560g should be called the 170, as in dollars — that’s the hefty price tag of the Altor offering.

But if security is your No. 1 priority — and lugging a big chain won’t cut it — take a look at this unique titanium option.

–See full details at the Altor Kickstarter page.

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